A quality pony with adequate bone and substance, hardy and active with real pony character of small, riding or cob type, up to and including 14.2 hh.
All ponies MUST display some of the following:- White schlera round the eye. Mottled skin. This part dark, part pink skin is usually most evident around the genitals, lips, muzzle, eyes and inside the ears. Striped hooves.

Spots of any colour on a white or light coloured background.
Few Spot:-
Strong characteristics often accompanied by varnish marks (groupings of dark hairs within an area, usually nose, cheekbones, stifle, gaskin and knee).
White spots on a dark base coat. This colour can appear almost roan but must show strong characteristics, and often has varnish marks which distinguish it from an ordinary roan.

An area of white over hips and hindquarters with or without spots. Any base colour. The blanket can extend over the entire back and shoulders. Piebald and Skewbald markings of any kind are not eligible.
Solid colours are eligible for a separate Register but must be of proven spotted breeding, and preferably show some breed characteristics.


Full of quality and true pony character. Big bold eyes set well apart. Ears should be well placed, small, neat and in proportion to the head. Prominent, open nostrils, clean, well defined throat. A coarse head and Roman nose are to be discouraged.


Should have good length and be well carried. Moderately lean in mares but inclined to be more cresty in stallions. Slightly heavier neck is allowable in the cob type.


Good strong, sloping and well laid back. Withers should be well defined but not 'knifey'.


Should be set square and true. Not tied in at the elbow. Long strong forearms with well developed knee. Short flat bone below knee. Pasterns of proportionate length and slope. Well shaped dense hooves. The cob type should have a greater abundance of bone without coarseness and a moderate quantity of fine feather when in the rough.


Muscular, strong, well coupled with plenty of heart room. Good deep girth and well sprung ribs.


Lengthy, strong, well muscled not ragged or drooping, with well set on tail. Slightly finer in riding type.


Well let down hocks, large flat clean bone, prominent points. The hock not to be set behind a line from the point of quarter to fetlock joint. No sickle or cow hocks. Pasterns to be of proportionate length and slope. Hooves well shaped and dense.


Low, straight from the shoulder free flowing, Hocks well flexed with straight action coming well under the body. The cob type may show more knee action.


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