The Kings House

The Kings House was named after a wealthy merchant called Robert King and is now a welcoming English country inn of the finest tradition. The closely spaced timbering was used to denote that the householder was wealthy, but in fact used so much timber that it was made illegal. Built in the latter part of the 15th and early 16th Centuries it was one of the first village buildings not to be constructed of one open hall and had two stories from the beginning. There are many features which we will be happy to point out that typify the building techniques of the time. It is a testimony to the craftsmans' skills that this glorious building is still untouched by modern materials nearly 600 years on. We still find it a sobering thought that we live in a house that was built some years before Henry V111 was born!!

For any assistance in arranging any activities please remember that Jan, Stuart or any of 'the team', are only too glad to help in booking accommodation in the area or discussing your needs. Ask at the King's House and do enjoy your stay in our beautiful area and welcoming inn.

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