We will place things here that are immediate, and hopefully will update it very regularly


Pups have started to leave – one little bitch still looking for a new home


Went over to Ireland – a bit tiring as had to travel overnight because the swift ferry was cancelled

Great hotel – very local

Had a very successful time with Niobe picking up a GS and a RGS

and Chess (Bergeau The Scotch Game) winning 2 GS, one with BOB



Great weekend up in Scotland

at NORBEL Open show Ryker (Bergeau Rock Star) won Postgraduate Dog and Res Best Dog,

Robbie (Bergeau Flamboyant) won Limit Dog,

Bergeau Scotch Mist at Cultlea won Junior Bitch, best Bitch, Best of Breed and Best in Show – what a star!

Whisper (Bergeau Rainbow Art JW) won Limit Bitch RBB and RBOB


Found a great dog friendly hotel – next day SKC

Ryker (Bergeau Rock Star) won Postgraduate Dog

Robbie (Bergeau Flamboyant) was 3rd in Limit Dog,

Remus (Ch Bergeau Paint with Matisse for Everquest) was 2nd in Open and RCC

Whisper (Bergeau Rainbow Art JW) won Limit Bitch and her second CC


Birmingham National – both girls very out of coat

but Diamond (Bergeau The Pumpkin Diamond)

 surprised us all by winning Limit Bitch



Puppies born – 3 boys and 4 girls all done and dusted in 3˝ hours – well done Galatee!


WELKS was good fun – only Diamond (Bergeau The Pumpkin Diamond) went –

mainly because it was her last outing in Junior. 

She went out in style by winning the class and the RCC


We made the trek to Builth Wells to WPBAW – Diamond was sick, on the wiggly road.

Nevertheless we had a good time with the usual friends.

Diamond (Bergeau the Pumpkin Diamond) was 2ndin Junior,

Kizzy (Bergeau Kissed by a Star) won Postgraduate

and Whisper (Bergeau Rainbow Art) was 2nd in Limit–

her ‘Mum’ was ill and could not come so Whisper was a bit flat.

We popped in to see a friend on the way home and we were back home by 5pm


BSDA of GB Open Show – pretty hectic!  Lucky with the weather.

‘Chess’ Bergeau The Scotch Game was 2nd in Junior Dog

‘Diamond’ Bergeau The Pumpkin Diamond was 3rd in Junior Bitch

KizzyBergeau Kissed by a Star was 4th in Postgraduate Bitch

‘Whisper’ Bergeau Rainbow Art JW was 1st in Limit Bitch

‘Dazzle’ Bergeau Dazzled by the Flame was 3rd in Open Bitch




Crufts was an enjoyable but tiring day.  Remus was a star

Remus’, Ch Bergeau Paint with Matisse for Everquest, was 2nd in Open

 and picked up his 3rd RCC won at Crufts!

Whisper’,Bergeau rainbow Art, was 2nd in a competitive Limit class,

with her big sister ‘Niobe’, Bergeau Paint a Rainbow 4th

‘Golly’ Galatee van de Hoge Laer was third a big Open class

All the girls got placed and Kizzy, Bergeau Kissed by a Star, won her class.



Galatee mated to Remus – a repeat of the ‘Scotch’ litter



Manchester Champ show – horrible crowded show – did not enjoy the squash

‘Chess’ (Bergeau the Scotch Game) won Puppy Dog and was Best Puppy,

‘Diamond’ (Bergeau the Pumpkin Diamond) was 3rd in Junior Bitch

Kizzy’ (Bergeau Kissed by a Star) was 2nd in Postgraduate Bitch,



LKA - Last Championship show of the year – nice atmosphere – coats were a bit of a challenge here!

 ‘Chess’ (Bergeau the Scotch Game) won Minor Puppy Dog,

Remus’ (Bergeau Paint with Matisse for Everquest)

had one of his rare outings and was 4th in Open Dog

(standing behind his son Ch Corsini Virtuoso, who won the Dog CC)

‘Diamond’ (Bergeau the Pumpkin Diamond) was 3rd in Junior Bitch

Kizzy’ (Bergeau Kissed by a Star) was 4th in Postgraduate Bitch,



Drove up to Scotland through the rain – found a great B&B in Dumfries

 that even gave us a dram of Malt Whisky – very dog friendly and with great dog walking just across the road.

Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Championship Show – great day out

‘Chess’ (Bergeau the Scotch Game) won Puppy Dog and Best Puppy,Ryker’ (Bergeau Rock Star) won Junior Dog

Kassi’ (Bergeau Scotch Mist at Cultlea) won Puppy Bitch, ‘Diamond’ (Bergeau the Pumpkin Diamond) won Junior Bitch

Kizzy’ (Bergeau Kissed by a Star) won Postgraduate Bitch,

Galatee (Galatee van de Hoge Laer at bergeau) was 2nd in Open and won the RCC

‘Dazzle’ (Bergeau Dazzled by the Flame) was 4th in Open.

Drove home watching Bonfire night fireworks and through scary fog.



Midland Counties Championship Show- Diamond's very last Puppy Class today

Best Puppy! Nice way to move up to Junior.

Kizzy was second, Galatee was second, Dazzle was fourth. Nice day out!


Just back from a sunny NORBEL Open Show in Durham - had a great day

Chess (Bergeau the Scotch Game) won Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Dog,

Diamond (B. The Pumpkin Diamond) won Puppy Bitch, with B. Scotch Mist at Cultlea in 3rd,

Kizzy (B. Kissed by a Star) won Junior Bitch and Dazzle (B. Dazzled by the Flame) won Open Bitch.

Diamond then won Best Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch and then won Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed.

She finished the day winning Reserve Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show!

We have soooo many lovely rosettes! What a great day out!


South Wales Champ Show – Diamond did not like the wiggly windy road! 

Nevertheless she won Best Puppy and was shortlisted in the Puppy Group. 

Kizzy won her class. Dazzle was third.


BSDA of GB Open Show – busy as usual! 

All the dogs were well placed and Dazzle was Reserve Best Bitch –

best of all the weather was OK and a good time was had by all –

finished quite early so not too late back home.



Nice day out at Driffield Championship Show – did not think I could get the day off, so did not enter. 

Went along with co-owned Chess, ‘Bergeau the Scotch Game’ who was

Best Puppy and Reserve Best Dog first time out!  So Sunny and hot we celebrated with Ice Cream!


Best day of the year at Darlington Ch Show – Diamond won the Puppy class,

Kizzy won the Junior class, Galatee, out for the first time after pups, won Open Bitch. 

After a scrabble for handlers for the challenge, much to my delight and amazement,

Diamond won the Bitch CC at only 10˝ months! 

She then went on to win BOB and BP. 

Nothing in the grown up group, but 4th in Puppy group!  Wow! 

What a day!  Floated home and still cannot believe it!


Went to Richmond Championship Show, weather not great as it rained quite a bit! 

Got the full set of cards – 1st with Kizzy, 2nd with Diamond and 3rd with Dazzle



An adventure in France – all sorts of car troubles North of Paris,

rescued by Mac MacCarthy who drove nearly 80 miles to fetch us, our luggage and the dogs – a true friend!

Once there with hire car we had a great time – the dogs both showed their socks off

and got places – 15th for ‘Robbie’ graded excellent and 3rd for ‘Dazzle’ graded Excellent Plus

and selected for sujet recommendé

Went to collect ‘mended’ car – drove to within an hour of Calais and stopped for fuel and car would not start! 

Got going and then rescued by Sophie and Joel Jouannet

new battery and pet passports sorted - what great people there are in dogs!


BSDA of GB Championship show went well – all the dogs shown were in the cards and/or graded excellent

‘Diamond’ was best Puppy in Show!!!  Clever girl!

Kizzy’ won Junior Bitch



Kizzy passed her Good Citizen Bronze test –

she didn’t do the stay last time but was a good girl this time! 

When classes start again Diamond will join that class and Kizzy moves up to Silver.

Busy Mummy!


Leeds Championship Show – all the girls did well –

Diamond actually showed and moved well and won Best Puppy

Kizzy stood alone but won Junior

Niobe was 2nd in Limit and Dazzle was reserve in Open.

Another good day out!


Went to a rainy Malvern to NWPBS Ch Show –

luckily the weather improved through the morning so that

we could be judged outside, mainly in sunshine, but a bit windy

I decided to stop torturing Shaun Eaves and handle Diamond myself

 she kept four feet on the ground for at least some of the time and managed 2nd place!.

Kizzy won Junior bitch, Dazzle, out for the first time since April

was 4th in Open, but was not so sparkly because she was slightly lame.


Went to friend in Yorkshire again and next day drove

to Scotland and back – 11 hours - to fetch 5 year old Jasper back –

he was too strong for the gentleman up there, so he will stop here for a while

and we will try to re-train him before looking for a forever home


East of England – We were lucky with the weather as it threatened

rain periodically but actually remained fine.

Diamond entertained once more – as a consequence was only placed 4th.

Kizzy won Junior bitch, Niobe was 3rd once more in Limit.


Windsor was on Friday and was a pleasant day –

I handled Diamond, so she moved a bit better but was only 3rd

Kizzy stood alone in Junior, but showed well for Tommy!

Niobe was 3rd in Limit

We stayed down south overnight and then picked Jasper up. 

Took him to his new home in Scotland on Sunday

Called in on a friend in Yorkshire on the way home

and saw his new and very cute Lurcher puppy




Interesting new venue with great catering.  Weather threatened but it stayed fine.

The day started well with ‘Ryker’, Bergeau Rock Star, winning Puppy Dog and Best Tervueren Puppy Dog

Diamond was 1st in Minor Puppy and amused the crowd,

but Kizzy won the Puppy Bitch class and was Best Tervueren Puppy and later BPIS.

Niobe was 3rd in Limit but showed really well.

Had lots of different handlers through the day – thanks to them all for putting up with my unruly crew!


Three Counties Show was a mixed pleasure – parked miles away, on my own so lots to carry!

Sunny and torrential rain! However my babies did well, both winning their classes

-                Diamond (Bergeau the Pumpkin Diamond) winning Puppy Bitch handled by Shawn Eaves

-                and Kizzy (Bergeau Kissed by a Star) won Junior and was Best Puppy, handled by Tommy Goode.


Went off travelling to Belgium with Niobe, Bergeau Paint a Rainbow –

had a great time, with great company and a super place to stay

and Niobe was in the top 4 in Open bitch at both the FMBB World show and the Belgian Specialty



Bath Ch Show – Diamond was 2nd again in Minor puppy, but Kizzy won the Puppy class.

Niobe was 3rd in Limit but showed really well.


Birmingham C Show – Diamond’s first show and she coped really well to get 2nd place in Puppy

Kizzy had to go up with the big girls in Junior, but managed 3rd.

Niobe got 2nd in Limit


Lovely sunny day at WELKS Kizzy, Bergeau Kissed by a Star, 4th in Puppy,

Niobe, Bergeau Paint a Rainbow, 2nd in Limit at her first show since having ‘Diamond’ 



Went to WPBAW Ch Show in Builth Wells, Wales – the journey always makes me wonder why I entered!

Kizzy, Bergeau Kissed by a Star, and Whisper, Bergeau Rainbow Art, both 2nd,

Dazzle, Bergeau Dazzled by the Flame, 3rd in Open 


Nice day out at a relaxed BSDA of GB Open show

Kizzy, Bergeau Kissed by a Star, won a large Puppy Bitch class and was Best Puppy Bitch

Whisper, Bergeau Rainbow Art, was 3rd in Limit

Dazzle, Bergeau Dazzled by the Flame, 4th in Open 



Galatee’s pups born – 2 girls and 2 boys


Crufts – a good day out.

Remus’, Ch Bergeau Paint with Matisse for Everquest, was 2nd in Open and took the RCC

‘Whisper’, , won a large Limit class

‘Golly’ Galatee van de Hoge Laer Handled by her breeder Jean Louis

was fifth in a big Open class

Remus’ children: Ch Corsini Virtuoso was third in Open, Corsini Sonata was 2nd in PGB

‘Bella’, Bergeau Painted Lady, children: ‘Orion’, Kvina’s Cruising the stars to Everquest, was 1st in Limit

and ‘Luna’ Nor Ch Kvina’s Catching the Moon was 4th in Open

Great stuff!

Niobe knocked one her canine’s sideways so an expensive trip to the vet

plus a month of having splints etc in her mouth – poor baby!


Scan shows Galatee to be pregnant



Went to NWPBS Open Show where Kizzy (Bergeau Kissed by a Star) bounced around to win 2nd place. 

Her mother ‘Dazzle’ (Bergeau Dazzled by the Flame) was Best of Breed.



Galatee mated to Remus


Manchester Championship show was judged by Pete, so did not enter ourselves

but Ryker (Bergeau Rock Star) won Minor Puppy Dog


Went to the East of England showground for Boston Championship show.

New puppy ‘Kizzy’ (Bergeau Kissed by a Star) behaved like a kangaroo but won her class.

Congratulations to Remus’ son ‘Tiago’, Corsini Virtuoso on his BOB