The rash is blotchy and red and covers the face and much of the body. It is usually slightly raised but there are no blisters and it does not itch. The eyes are usually bloodshot, the child usually has a temperature and is miserable and the rash appears on the fourth day of the Illness.
Immunisation confers Immunity.
Measles is a totally preventable disease. It is most Infectious for a few days before the rash appears and lasts for eight to ten days. It is not necessary to be kept in the dark. Ear and chest infections are a common complication. If a child improves and then develops a fever he/she should be seen by a doctor.


This Illness is usually quite mild and simple treatment is all that is required. Usually the swelling is on one side of the face just behind the angle of the jaw; the other side may swell after a few days. There may also be swelling under the chin on either or both sides. It is Infectious for two to three days before the glands swell until seven days after they have gone down. A few people have stomach pains or headaches with mumps. If this is mild, simple home remedies will help.
If the pain is severe you should see a doctor.


The rash is pale pink to red, slightly rough and fairly small, about 2-4mm. It usually covers the back and front of the chest, arms and legs and does not itch. It comes on the first day of the illness and normally lasts less than a week. It is infectious from one or two days before the rash until it fades (usually five days).
The Illness is usually mild. Very occasionally joint pains are troublesome and if this happens you should be seen by a doctor.
Tell anyone who has been close to the person affected that they may have German measles.
The only serious risk is to the unborn child of a pregnant woman (less than 16 weeks since her last period).


The rash starts on the first day of the illness. It begins as small scattered red patches about 3-4mm across and within a few hours small blisters appear in the middle of the red spots. Over the next few days more spots will appear and the earlier spots will become crusty, and eventually the crusts will fall off. The most infectious time is one to three days before and for five days after the rash appears. Children may return to school when the last crusts have separated. Simple treatment as for viral Infections is usually all that is required. Calamine lotion and cold baths help the itching of the rash.