The Lake District

Hart Crag Langdale The Lake District is renowned for its rugged peaks soaring above beautiful valleys and lakes. The choice of walks is vast. Old pack horse trails link quiet and secluded valleys and their villages and farmsteads. Cascading streams descend from tarns nestling in remote, craggy hollows little changed since the glaciers retreated ten thousand years ago.
There are mountains to suit all tastes and ambitions, from challenging narrow ridges to more modest but equally rewarding summits.
Herdwick sheep

Herdwick sheep

The Coniston Fells

Coniston Fells

The multitude of paths and trails date back many hundreds of years. Some were used as trade routes in prehistoric times. Stone axe heads from Langdale were traded as far afield as Poland. Often seen on the fells are the unmistakeable Herdwick sheep. They are a hardy breed well-suited to the rugged fells and probably arrived with Norse Viking settlers over one thousand years ago.

There is a special magic in the Lakeland scene that captures the imagination and draws the visitor back.

Join us on one of our South Lakeland or North Lakeland holidays to explore the quiet routes and hidden corners of this special place.

Thirlmere Fells

On the fells above Thirlmere



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