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The Yearbook is published by the editor (currently Peter Hordern) and processed by Dave Oswald.  The 2018 edition was distributed during February.  Any queries on the content should be made to Peter Hordern and on the distribution to the membership secretary, Rachel Pearce. The bulk distribution of copies to the Distributors is still through the Secretary from whom spare copies can always be requested.

Weeders Digest.

The Weeders Digest is published twice yearly in mid Summer and at the end of the year. It is edited by Beryl Cushion, who can be contacted by e-mail (or telephone and address as for Secretary in the Yearbook). The Winter 2018-19  Weeders Digest, covering events up to the Annual General Meeting, has been published and is being distributed. Spare Digests are available from the Store when open or by contacting the Editor or Secretary - you are welcome to spread them around and give them to friends and possible new members.

Links to other Societies and places of garden interest


Royal Horticultural Society to whom we are affiliated  

Tatton Garden Society an interesting site based on Tatton Garden, Knutsford

Cactus & Succulent Plant Mall, a comprehensive site containing the sites for the UK and US cactus societies and links to cactus societies all over the world. Includes descriptions, pictures and growing advice on most cacti and succulents. Local shows are usually at Capel Manor, Enfield.

The Dahlia Society, specialist society for Dahlias.

National Sweet Pea Society, specialist society for Sweet Peas.

Shenley Park Trust, Details of Shenley Park, its history, facilities and programme - the aims and procedures of the Trust.

National Gardens Scheme, Gardens open for Charity throughout England (The Yellow Book) ,including descriptions, times and how to find them.

Wildlife walks with John Tyler, Details of Wildlife walks run by John Tyler in the Chilterns area. John has given us several interesting lectures on the natural history of the Chilterns.


Herts County Council Database Among the wealth of information this site will give you details and contacts for all the clubs and societies in Herts (including ours).

National Trust site gives details of all aspects of the Trust including details of houses and gardens open to the public.

Both the RHS and NGS sites above have a wide range of gardening information and links to other sites.

Technical Notes (any queries ask the Editor)
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Hertfordshire Gardens Trust Researching into the county’s historic parks and gardens to build comprehensive records for use at county and national level; Working with schools to develop and sustain their grounds to
enjoy and as a resource for the curriculum; Working with English Heritage and the Garden History Society to
protect and preserve Hertfordshire's landscape heritage; events, lectures and visits.

Autumn Show Schedule.

The 2019 Show Schedule will be published separately and distributed with the Summer Weeders Digest during July, in time for the show, but hopefully not early enough to be lost before the show. Spare copies will be available at the Store or from the Secretary from late February.  Queries on content to the Show Secretary, on distribution as for the Weeders Digest.

Radlett Horticultural Society

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