Formation and Objective

The Radlett Horticultural Society was first formed in 1903 and with a break in the first world war (and possible lapses between the wars) has continued to foster an interest in Horticulture, holding shows, and facilitating the distribution of horticultural requirements to members.

Membership and Subscriptions

Membership of the Radlett Horticultural Society is open to all residents of the Parish of Aldenham, which includes Radlett, and there are at present some 630 family memberships. New members may join on Sunday mornings at the Store (see Store below), or by application to the Membership Secretary. Membership is also available to anyone living outside the area, subject to Committee approval, as a postal member with a small additional cost for postage.  All memberships include the complete family living at one address. The list of members and rules of the Society are displayed in the Store. Subscription for the year remaining of the three year period to the end of September 2019 is £2, or £3.50 for postal members. A Membership Application Form with full instructions is included here. Existing members are paid up except for the few who took out a 1 year membership. Any queries should be made to the Membership Secretary, Rachel Pearce.


Radlett is located in the green belt north of London, straddling Watling Street and 5 miles south of St Albans. The land is mainly fertile alkaline clay, much of it with embedded flints. There is a mixture of large and small gardens and some thriving allotments.

Committee Members

A full list of Committee Members and Society Helpers is given in the Year Book. The following are useful contact points:


Mr P Hordern

(Peter Hordern

Show Secretary

Mrs A Harvell

(Amanda Harvell)

Secretary & Web Editor

Mr P Cushion

(Peter Cushion)

Membership Secretary  

Mrs R Pearce

(Rachel Pearce)

Editor of the Yearbook

Mr P Hordern

Peter Hordern

Editor, Weeder's Digest

Mrs B R Cushion

(Beryl Cushion)

Other Committee members without e-mail addresses can be contacted though the Web Editor.


The Society is affiliated to the: Royal Horticultural Society, National Chrysanthemum Society, National Dahlia Society and National Sweet Pea Society. See RHS Affiliated Society at the end of this page for further information.


The Society issues a Year Book, free to members, in February / March of each year. This includes details of the Society; Officers and Committee; programme of events, meetings, shows, competitions and visits; and items of interest.

An Autumn Show Guide including the schedule, rules, hints and Show entry form.

A Society's magazine, The Weeders Digest, is published  in the Summer after the Mini Show and late Autumn following the AGM and distributed to all members. This includes up to date information on events, reports, Store notes and articles of interest.


Events held are the main Autumn Show, a Summer Mini-Show and Instructional Evening, visits to local gardens and shows, a more distant Garden Tour, talks evenings, and of course an Annual General Meeting. A local best front garden competition is held, together with an annual sale of plants in the Spring.


The Society Store in Scrubbitts Park Road is open every Sunday from 10am until 12noon, manned by volunteer members, and is used as a headquarters for the Society. On sale are a wide range of garden products and sundries, all at discount prices.  Additionally, the Store is used as a venue for Society notices, including changes and additions to the Society programme. Details and booking lists are held for events. New members can join at the Store. The Store closes for a Winter break during December and January (see Calendar of Events for details).

RHS Affiliated Society.

As an Affiliated Society we are entitled to one annual free Group entry for 55 members to an RHS garden - when there is no planned visit for the year, any one interested in arranging a party of say six or more for a visit (which must be booked in advance) should talk to the Secretary. However in 2018 a group visit was made to RHS Rosemoor during the holiday to Devon in May.

Distribution of the RHS magazine ‘The Garden’

Affiliated Societies also get one copy of this magazine for use by members. Our copy is passed round a distribution list and then placed in the Store. Any member who would like to be added to the distribution list (currently only two members) should contact the Secretary who will be pleased to add your name.

RHS Garden Advisory Service - pests, diseases and growing advice.

Note that requests for advice from the RHS Garden Advisory Service can be made through our Science and Advice Liaison Contact, who is Bob Clark (857736).

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