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The Autumn Show was held on 1 September at Christ Church Vision Hall. The show overall was very successful but unfortunately there were again very few children’s entries. We thank those who did attend - they enjoyed themselves and all won prizes.

A short report and pictures are given below as well as a summary of Children’s classes that were available.

We look forward to more children and entries next year as the  show will not be held during the school holidays.

Summary of the Children’s classes in this year’s show


This section is open to all children whether their parents are members of the Society or not.

Section A – Phillimore Plaque

For children aged 11 to 16 years on the day of the show.

99 A model constructed entirely by the exhibitor from vegetables and or fruit.

(Wire, wood, glue and string can be used for joining).

100 A Logo design for ‘Recycling in Radlett’ - maximum size A4

101 One creative ‘Selfie’ photograph.

Section B – Newberries Plaque

For children aged 7 to 10 years on the day of the show.

102 A model vehicle constructed entirely by the exhibitor from vegetables and or fruit.

(Wire, wood and string can be used for joining).

103 Illustrated handwriting - of the words below. Maximum size A4.


Aliens steal underpants

Hanging on the line

Spotted bloomers or stripy shorts

They take them all the time

104 One abstract photograph of a tree.

(Abstract: a picture that does not attempt to represent reality,

but rather seeks to achieve its effect using just composition, shapes, colours, and textures.)

Section C – The Young Ones

For children aged 3 to 6 years on the day of the show.

105 A picture of ‘My favourite plant’. Drawn, painted, or coloured by the exhibitor,

maximum size A4.

106 A decorated wooden spoon representing a flower using any available craft materials.

107 A photograph of flowers.

The Phillimore and Newberries Plaques will be presented to the exhibitors gaining the most points in Section A and Section B; and Prizes of £1, 50p and 20p will be given for the first, second and third in each class.

Children’s entries in September 2018 Autumn Show

Despite all efforts to publicize the event,we were disappointed in that there were again very few children’s entries, due in part to the timing of school Summer holidays. However we were delighted to see those who did put in entries and congratulate you on your efforts which were of a high standard. All the results are shown below.

In particular we congratulate Jessica Hill on winning the Phillimore Plaque and Emerson Newman the Newberries Plaque - well done to both of you.

Introduced this year was a new Section called The Young Ones for children of 3 to 6 years old and the first Young Ones Plaque was won by Evie Coldham. Both she and her elder brother Oliver jointly entered a fine cucumber which they had grown but Evie’s photographic entry just beat that of her brother. Very well done to both of you.

For interest to those who were unable to enter, details of  all the Children’s classes are included at the end of this page.

Note that all Children’s entries, including those in the Novice Classes are free. So why not enter next year and win a prize - you will be very welcome.

And here are the results of the children’s classes:

show18y1.jpg show18y2.jpg

Phillimore Plaque - age 11-16
Model from vegetable/fruit
One creative Selfie photo

Newberries Plaque - age 7-10
Model vehicle from vegetable/fruit
Abstract photo of a tree

The Young Ones Plaque - age 3-6
Fruit & vegetable grown by the child

Photo of flowers

Jessica Hill

Jessica Hill

Sasha Wackrow

Emerson Newman

Matthew Hill

Emerson Newman

Evie Coldham

Oliver & Evie Coldham

Maya Crown (with my favourite plant picture)

Evie Coldham, Oliver Coldham

Congratulations and thanks to those who took part in any of the competitions - or just came to admire the others - you were very welcome and added to the enjoyment of the Flower Show. We just hope there will be more children taking part next year.

Here are some photos of the exhibits this year:

Select any picture for a larger view and ‘back’ to return

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