Gyrus Olympic Gymnastics Club

The Gymnastic Disciplines

Vault Handspring with Full Twist Off
Asymetric Bars Geinger Somersault
Beam Flic Flac into Layout Salto, Layout Salto
Floor Flic Flac into Double Layout Somersault
Parallel Bars
High Bar
Pommel's Flares
Men's Vault Handspring into 1 Piked Front Somersault

In general, Euroteam is an international 'Club Competition', with clubs selected and entered by their respective National Federation.

The competition is for teams of men or women as well as of mixed teams. A gymnast may only compete for one team. Each Federation may enter up to two teams per section.

Members of a team must all be from the same club, with it's team comprised of 6 - 12 male or female gymnasts. In mixed teams there must be an equal number of men and women gymnasts in all disciplines. Once a team has started the competition, no reserve gymnast my enter the competition. The minimum age for gymnasts to compete is 15 years of age in the year of the competition.

The Euroteam competition is organised every two even years in a country designated by the UEG.

The disciplines competed are the floor programme, tumbling and trampette, and all must be competed by each team, with only gymnasts that take part in the floor programme participating in the trumbling and trampette.