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Welcome to my 'Autograph Collecting' Website!

July 1999


The July/August Email Auction comes to a conclusion at 11.00pm tonight.  Click on the "For Sale" icon for full details and your chance to bid.

NOTE; I did promise to update the auction continually during the last six hours or so... unfortunately, due to family commitments, I will be unable to do so throughout the evening.  However, I do hope to update continually during the last hour and a half (from 9.30PM GMT onwards).

Some of the ideas, changes and improvements that I keep promising should be heading for fruition soon.  I'll keep everyone on the "Update Alarm" circulation list informed - otherwise check back regularly.

Anyone interested in purchasing US stamps should contact me via email, as I have about 28 dollars worth sitting here doing nothing!  I will happily sell for cost price plus postage.  When writing to the States, it does prove to be a cheaper option than using International Reply Coupons.

A new UK based autograph collecting website has just been launched by Andrew Bird.  His enthusiasm for the hobby is clear for all to see.  Please support and encourage Andrew by visiting his website, "Andrew's Autograph Heaven".

Finally, as I am planning big changes soon, please will regular visitors provide me with some ideas regarding improvements to the site.  Let me know what you'd like to see here, and I'll do my best to make the site better and more useful than ever before!

Good luck with all your collecting...  and before I go, does anyone have a working address (preferably UK) for Bryan Adams?   Please email me if you do!

Best wishes,



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