28th June

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated.


4th August

Britain declares war on Germany.


13th August

British Expeditionary Force lands and moves into Belgium.


23rd - 24th August

Battle of Mons.


26th August

Battle of Le Chateau.


7th - 10th September

Battle of the Marne.


12th - 15th September

Battle of the Aisne.


10th October - 2nd November

Battle of La Bassee.


12th October - 2nd November

Battle of Messines.


13th October - 2nd November

Battle of Armentieres.


19th October - 22nd November

First Battle of Ypres.








10th - 13th March

Battle of Neuve Chapple


22nd April - 25th May

Second Battle of Ypres


9th May

Battle of Aubers Ridge


15th - 25th May

Battle of Festubert


15th - 25th May

Battle of Festubert


25th September

Battle of Loos





2nd - 13th June

Battle of Mont Sorrel


21st February - 18th December

Battle of Verdun


1st July - 18th November

Battle of the Somme




9th April - 15th May

Battle of Arras


3rd - 17th May

Battle of Bullecourt


7th - 14th June

Battle of Messines


15th - 25th August

Battle of Hill 70


31st July - 10th November

Third Battle of Ypres


20th November - 3rd December

Battle of Cambria




21st March - 5th April

The German Offensive


9th - 29th April

Battle of Lys


27th May - 6th June

Battle of the Aisne


20th July - 2nd August

Battle of the Marne


8th - 11th August

Battle of Amiens


21st August - 3rd September

Battle of the Somme 1918


26th August - 3rd September

Second Battle of Arras


12th Septemeber - 2nd October

Battle of the Hindenburg Line


28th September - 2nd October

Forth Battle of Ypres


14th - 19th October

Battle of Courtrai


17th - 25th October

Battle of Selle


1st - 2nd November

Battle of Valenciennes


4th November

Battle of Sambre


11th Novemeber




Source Professor P E Russell

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