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Here you can find my favourite downloads and what I have been downloading recently. There are also several files that can be downloaded for use outside of this website.

The ZIP Files that are available from this page are the collections of images from the Photo Gallery. This is a much easier way to collect all the images easily. The collections that are free to download are;

  • The Cambridge Meet Photos
  • The Lancaster Meet Photos
  • The York Meet Photos
  • and, The Fonts used on this site

The Canada Photos and the Miscellaneous Photos, are NOT for general download. I would appreciate it if they were not copied and placed elsewhere without first Asking me! If you require a particular image from those collections, please first contact me by email or whatever and ASK!

To download a collection please click on the link below:

Download The Cambridge Photos Download the Fonts Download The Lancaster Photos Download The York Photos
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My Favourite Downloads

These are a few of my favourite downloads at the moment. If you want to find out more about the program, then click on the hyperlink and visit the website.

  • Homesite v4.0
    One of the best HTML Editors I have ever used! Packed with features and useful things... It's what I used to build this Website!
  • WinAMP
    The Best MP3 player for Windows 9X! If you like to collect MP3's then you can not be without this program!
  • McAfee Virus Scan
    One of the most comprehensive and incredibly quick virus scanners you can get! Essential for your system.
  • WinZIP + Support Module
    A great utility for managing ZIP files. If you use the Internet Support Module there is even more funtionality including support to download and unZIP!
  • zMud
    A very good MUD / Telnet client for connecting to Talkers and Multi User Dungeons!
  • These are my lastest downloads:

  • SBLive! Ware 2.0
    A MAJOR driver update for the SBLive! Soundcard
  • Banshee Drivers
    All the latest drivers for the Banshee card for Windows 98 and for Linux :)
  • Updates for McAfee
    The latest virus definition tables for the virus scanner.

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