61 Ursae Majoris - Joi

Joi Sourcebook

One of the most idyllic worlds on the French Arm, Joi has been the site of a vicious independence struggle and is wracked by inter-colonial tension. Joi has many native life forms that can be pushed to the brink of extinction by Terran flora and fauna, and a great debate rages about how much protection they should be given. This environmental argument combined with simple national rivalry is at the root of many of the world's problems.

Joi has been settled by five different nations in the last 60 years; France, Germany, Japan, Britain and Azania. However the French colony of Elysia revolted and gained its independence after a six year struggle largely over the environmental issue. Elysia was supported by the Germans and Manchurians and the radical new state is applying pressure for the other colonies, especially the Japanese, to act on limiting the importation of Terran agriculture.

Joi lacks many essential heavy metals and so relies mostly on innovative light industry and in-system mining for its manufacturing. Agriculture remains the largest sector of the economy although service industries are rapidly catching up. Elysia is home to over 3.6 million people, the German colony of Halbinsel are 2.9 million strong and the Japanese of Tosashimizu some 2.5 million.

Britain's New Cornwall and Azania's Lubumbashi are both much smaller colonies (0.25 and 0.4 millions respectively) located in the southern part of Joi. Britain is conducting a very deliberate colonisation effort and the recently arrived Azanians are working closely with them.