Beta Canum Venaticorum - BC-4

Beta Canum has been the heart of the French Arm for nearly a century, and is at the centre of a web of trade routes and home to a world that is almost an Eden. BC-4 has been called the 'Breadbasket of the French Arm' for its agricultural productivity, has one of only two beanstalks to aid transport to and from orbit and the world has a valuable trade enclave of the alien Pentapods.

BC-4 has three major colonies and an international city on its four continents. The ESA established the stately city of Adrian on the Southern Continent to be its headquarters and it has been joined there by many international Foundations.

The French Continent has prospered through agriculture, manufacturing and the presence of the Pentapods. The Bavarian Continent thrived on a mixture of mining and cattle ranching. The British Continent, known also as New Africa because of its rich forests and wildlife, linked the two with an excellent transport network. The three economies were closely entwined and BC-4 seen as a model of colonial cooperation.

That has changed since the Franco-German War of 2292-93 and the Bavarian Continent becoming the German Continent. The indignant French have excluded the Bavarians from the beanstalk project and inter-colonial tensions have escalated dramatically.

There are currently nearly 19 million French, 16 million German and 10 million British colonists on BCV-4. Many are now questioning why political decisions taken decades of light years away should cause such upheavals on their previously peaceful world.