Eta Bootis - Aurore

Aurore is a tidally locked world with notable tides and large areas which are largely uninhabitable around the hot and cold poles. However there are substantial areas open to human habitation.

The Ukraine pioneered colonisation of the planet, but was soon joined by France. A commercial conglomerate attempted to establish a colony to the south of the French colony, but this soon failed when the colonists revolted, overthrew the corporate government and declared the independent state of Tanstaafl.

Aurore has become infamous for the vicious attack by the alien Kafers that has occupied the Ukrainian colony and devastated large tracts of the other settlements. A vicious ground war continues between human and alien on Aurore with no quarter given by either side.

Before the war Novoya Kiyev had nearly 5 million colonists, Aurore Franšais 4.5 million and Tanstaafl 2.3 million. Hundreds of thousands have died since then.