The French Arm

The French Arm is the most advanced region of human colonised space.

Its heart is the so-called Beta Canum Cluster a group of colony worlds surrounding the central hub of Beta Canum Venaticorum, whose forth world is a world that matches Earth for habitability.

The French Arm is dominated by the French and the other European Space Agency nations; Germany, Britain and Azania. However there is also colonies from Japan and Ukraine, a corporate outpost of the Trilon Corporation and the independent nations of Elysia and Tanstaafl.

There are alien races bordering the French Arm: the enigmatic Pentapods, bellicose Kafers and primative Klaxun. The Pentapods have already built peaceful trade links with humantity whereas the Kafers have made war on the human world of Aurore.

The French Arm is no stranger to war: the major terran conflicts of the Central Asian and German Reunification Wars have spilled over here. Colonial conflicts and insurgencies are also far from unknown.