Henry's Star - Crater

Crater is a harsh world; it has little water, an atmosphere that can only barely support human life and is high background radiation which can become fatal during solar flares. The world is tidally locked and colonised zones limited to the twilight areas. Crater was stuck at some time during its history by a massive asteroid which raised the eponymous crater and delivered the world its significant mineral wealth.

Crater has been solely colonised by the British who have settled the area around the crater itself, establishing the city of Rimview where the bulk of the population lives. Outside of Rimview there are many mining stations in the walls and on the floor of the crater, whilst a few hardy pioneers have founded farming stations in the desert uplands.

Despite being founded 83 years previously Crater remains overwhelmingly a 'company town' and although some light industry exists many creature comforts and heavy machines need to be expensively imported from off-world. The self-reliant native born Craterans are used to this state of affairs but more recent colonists, primarily miners, have little time for the vacillation and petty corruption of the local government and tensions are rising.

The colony has a population of just over one and a half million.