DM +34 2342 - Kimanjano

Kimanjano, the name is commonly applied to system and world, is one of the least welcoming colonised worlds on the French Arm, but potentially one of the wealthiest. It has also made good use of its position on the major trade routes.

Kimanjano has a relatively unhealthy atmosphere and an ocean which is poisonous to humans and so the main settlements are located in the uplands far from the coastal region. However those very oceans are a veritable treasure trove which provides valuable polycarbon products and rare medicines.

The French have pioneered Kimanjano, establishing the first settlement in 2231 initially to mine a short lived tantalum strike and then to exploit the ocean resources. They have also developed ship handling facilities. The colony of Fromme has slowly grown in size to nearly 6.5 million inhabitants who have a large measure of internal autonomy.

The Azanians also have a colony called Okavango which has remained almost entirely a commercial operation extracting oceanic wealth. Its population is only slightly over half a million.