Queen Alice's Star - Beowulf

The world of Beowulf is a world of extremes; marked by tectonic upheavals, devastating tides, rugged terrain, spectacular wildlife and a 22 Earth day long day. It is however a wealthy world with a well entrenched human population. It is divided between two colonies that are often at odds despite their home nation's friendship on Earth.

The British colony of Alicia is home to some 26 million colonists of predominantly British, Canadian and Australian extraction. Alicia is now a Dominion within the British Commonwealth and has a large measure of home rule. Alicia is technologically and culturally advanced with significant industry both on the surface and in orbit.

The French colony of Nouvelle Europe is somewhat smaller and less advanced than Alicia with 15 million residents. The Néo-Européens often feel hard done by their neighbours who they feel grabbed all the best resources. This resentment fuels much of the hostility between the two settlements.

The two colonies are on separate continents, but the islands and ocean resources of the Rhadamanthine Sea between them are a matter of increasing dispute. Beowulf sits at a strategic point on the French Arm and neither home nation wants conflict here as QAS is the gateway to the Beta Canum Cluster.