Vogelheim - Adlerhorst

Adlerhorst is a pleasant world that teems with life, most notably a profusion of animals which share many of the characteristics of Terran birds. It has been settled by humans for nearly 70 years, initially by Bavaria and then by France. The two colonies worked closely together and this synergy aided Adlerhorst's development.

The War of German Reunification ended this cooperation. The Bavarian colonial government remained loyal to Bavaria which led to a revolt by pro-German elements. The French intervened on the Bavarian side, crushing the guerrillas, however with Germany triumphant on Earth a pro-German government was installed in their colony. Neumark has remained politically internally fractured since then and faces notable French hostility. A peacekeeping force from Britain, America, Australia and Canada has been drafted in to keep all sides apart.

Adlerhorst had, until then, been quietly prospering with growing industry, mining and agriculture driving economic growth. Neumark has 4.4 million citizens and Saint-Benoit 2.9 million.