Beta Comae Berenicies - Nous Voila

Nous Voila is a world that has been terraformed by humanity into something approaching a pastoral paradise. A formerly cold and icy world, cutting edge techniques have made Nous Voila in a very hospitable home for its 12 million population.

Yet for all the precision lavished on making Nous Voila habitable its colonisation process was notably haphazard. Preparation and local government structures were kept to an absolute minimum and settlement opened to those who could afford to emigrate.

Many of the first settlers came from the middle classes of French West Africa and much of the colony remains predominantly French African. The colonists have largely settled in a series of widely dispersed towns and villages across Nous Voila.

The colony has had its ups and downs, nearly 70 000 died in an outbreak of disease, but has quietly thrived and is one of the undiscovered jewels of the French Arm.