DM +36 2393 - Dunkelheim

Dunkelheim is a small, dry, rocky and, thanks to a historic meteorite hit, mostly dead world. In spite of its inhospitability it is rich in metals and other mineral deposits. However it always struggled to attract sufficient numbers of colonists which was a problem when Dunkelheim ores were being used in the construction of Kolonie Zwei in neighbouring Hochbaden.

The Bavarian response was to resort to sending petty criminals as colonists in return for shortened sentences. A substantial proportion of its 1.5 million population can trace their roots to one of these criminals, this has formed an underlying part of the colonial culture on Dunkelheim. The Azanians also tried to form a colony here but it failed, with some of the citizens joining Bavaria.

Dunkelheim came across to Germany in the early 2290s but not after using the threat of revolt to extract increase investment from the central government. The colonial government is not above using similar forms of subtle blackmail to get what it wants from Berlin. Otherwise Dunkelheim is a fairly minor cog in the German colonial network.