DM +35 2436 - Grosshiddenhafen

The DM +35 2436 system has an evil reputation in the French Arm, akin to Port Royal or Tortuga in an earlier age, it has been home to privateers and latterly outright pirates. Both Manchurians and Germans have operated from here in their wars against the French rampaging along the easily accessible shipping lines. It is rumoured that a number of ships, some out of luck merchants and others veterans of earlier conflicts, who have taken to piracy still frequent the system. More recent fears revolve around Kafer ships using the system to scout deeper into the cluster.

DM +35 2436 lies at the centre of a network of less travelled transit routes into the cluster and along the Eta Bootis Finger and away from the normal merchant lanes. The system is home to an ageing garden world that once sparked scientific interest, although now the system has few legitimate visitors.