Neubayern - Niebelungen

Niebelungen was the second world to be colonised by humanity, the first settlement being established only two years after those on Tirane. While the Neubayern system has been home to a variety of mining settlements from several nations Nieblungen's colonisation has been an almost totally Bavarian effort.

Niebelungen is a tidally locked world with 'hot' and 'cold' poles and only a relatively small portion of the 'twilight zone' is habitable. Although the planet is best known for its extensive low-lying bogs rather than its more pleasant uplands, it now home to over 75 million people, including many of Azanian extraction.

Niebelungen has played a key role in Bavarian expansion into the stars providing both vital tantalum and later shipbuilding resources. As Bavaria became involved in the Central Asian War Niebelungen took over as key supplier of manufactured goods to the other Bavarian colonies further up the French Arm. The colony is still highly industrialised and hosts Bavaria's, and now Germany's, largest shipyards not to mention a vibrant local culture.

Niebelungen became a part of Germany following the Reunification, although it has a large measure of internal autonomy. The colony has gained many warship orders from the new state but other parts of the economy are suffering for a variety of reasons.