Xi Ursae Majoris - Kie-Yuma

Kie-Yuma is a pre-garden world with relatively primitive life in its oceans, reach minerals under the ground and an atmosphere unhealthy to humans. To rectify the latter problem there is a major terraforming project underway to make the atmosphere breathable.

What makes Kie-Yuma unique is that its colony is owned, operated and governed entirely by the Trilon Corporation. Indeed the colony is simply a division of the corporation and almost all the colonists are Trilon employees. Those that are not are usually employees of one of Trilon's subcontractors.

Kie-Yuma's 300 000 population live in pressurised domes, the largest of which is the main city of Arnor. Most have come to Kie-Yuma to work in mining or services and are happy with their lot. However there are some second generation Kie-Yumans who are less happy with Trilon's almost complete control over their lives as well as NARL activists opposed to the terraforming effort.