By Andrew Moreton


TYPE 79 Assault Rifle

A License built version of the Bavarian SG-77 Rifle, the basic rifle of the Japanese army. The weapon is being gradually replaced with the Kurita Arms Type 99 Gauss Rifle

Type 99 Gauss Rifle

A Japanese Gauss rifle produced by Kurita Arms , it takes advantage of the altest development’s in Gauss technology and is an uprated version of the Russian AS-89 , the license for which was purchased by Kurita Arms. A sturdy and relaible weapons with an integral 30mm Grenade Launcher. There is an optional low power auto fire setting.

The weapon is compatible with the Magazine of the French FAM-90.

Type 4.5 mm Gauss Rife with integral 30mm Grenade launcher. Country Japan Weight (empty) 4kg Length 74 cm Action Single Shot or Burst Ammunition 4.5x20mm Flechette Muzzle velocity 1700mps Magazine 60rd box magazine with integral power cell Magazine Weight 0.3kg ROF 3 (5 low power) Aimed Fire Range 800m Area Fire burst 10 rds (AF1 (1.5 Low Power) ) Area Fire range 480(400) DP Value 0.7 (0.4 low power) Price Lv 500 (Not available on the open Market)

Type 85 Gauss Sniper Rifle

A License built version of the FTE-10 Sniper Rifle


TYPE 80 Squad Machine Gun

A License built version of the MG-7, modifoed to accept the same clip as the Type 79 in emergencies

TYPE 00 Squad Machine Gun (Gauss)

Developed to go with the new Type 99 Gauss Rifle and issued to units to which these weapons have been issued . It does not have the low power setting of the Rifle and normally fires a 400Rd Cassette with internal power supply.

Type 4.5 mm Gauss Machine Gun. Country Japan Weight (empty) 5kg Length 90 cm Action Single Shot or Burst Ammunition 4.5x20mm Flechette Muzzle velocity 1700mps Magazine 60rd box magazine with integral power cell or 420rd cassette Magazine Weight 1.5kg cassette ROF 5 Aimed Fire Range 800m Area Fire burst 30rds (AF 2.5) Area Fire range 600m DP Value 0.7 Price Lv 1000 (Not available on the open Market)


TYPE 21-F Squad Plasma Gun

This Kurita Plasma Weapon is the standard Squad Support Plasma Weapon of the Japanese Defense Forces

TYPE 98 Individual Plasma Weapons

A Japanese version of the German A-9 Plasma Weapon being introduced on an experimental basis for assault and urban warfare units. It is also being considered for issue on a wider basis similarly to the Manchurian Type 81 Storm Gun


TYPE 30 Urban Combat Weapon

A Japanese made Automatic shotgun intended for issue to troops involved in Close Quarter Urban fighting or in area’s where penetration of the walls is not acceptable.. Functionally identical to the DunArm Co Close Assault Gun

Type 90 Urban Combat Weapon

One of the major limitaions of the Type 30 was the limited magazine capacity, in an attempt to increase this and also to increase the flexibility of the Weapon a Gauss weapon was designed in 20mm Caliber. Besides flechette bundle rounds, HE, HEAP, Incendiary, Flash and Slug rounds have been developed for use and the Weapon has a dual feed magazine to allow flexibility of use.

Type 20 mm Gauss Shotgum. Country Japan Weight (empty) 4.5kg Length 70 cm Action Single Shot or Burst Ammunition 20mm Rounds stats are foe the Flechette bundle 20 *4mm Flechettes Muzzle velocity 600mps Magazine 2 20 rd Box Magazines Magazine Weight 0.5kg Magazine ROF 5 Aimed Fire Range 80m Area Fire burst 10rds (AF 2.5) Area Fire range 60m DP Value 0.5(x10) Price Lv 800 (Not available on the open Market)

HE Rds EP 2 Explosion
HEAP Rds EP2 Tamped explosion
Incendiary rds
Flash rds
Slug rd Aimed fire 200 Area fire burst 10 rds (AF 1) Area Fire range 100m DP Value 1


TYPE 92 Laser Rifle

A Modified version of the Mueller-Rivera F-19 Laser rifle used by the Space defense forces it add’s an integral 30mm GL and increased efficiency power cells allowing 20 pulses

Weight 3.5 kg



Launcher 12kg Missile 4.5kg Range 2300m Guidance Automatic following lock on. Homing value 15 Attack angle Selectable DP Tamped explosion EP 25


Launcher weight 6 kg Missile weight 17 kg Range 9000m Guidance automatic flollowing lock on Homing value 23 Attack Angle direct DP Tamped explosion EP 5 Warhead

TYPE 26 HEAVY ANTIVEHICLE MISSILE (Fired in pairs from VLS Cells)

Launcher weight (Infantry )100 kg Missile 30 kg Range 20,000m Guidance. Automatic following lock on, or target designated with inertial flight until target located Attack Angle Top DP Tamped Explosion EP 40

TYPE 30 HEAVY AIR DEFENSE MISSILE (Fired from VLS Cells or specialist vehicles)

License built Guiscard Aero-27


Launcher weight (Infantry) 100kg Missile weight 30kg Range 40,000m Guidance automatic following lock on Attack angle direct DP Tamped explosion EP 10