Glossary of Military Terms used in the Text

Acronym French English
BECM Batallion Étranger de Choc de Marche Foreign Legion Campaign Shock Battalion.

A temporary unit raised for service in Eastern Europe in the early 21st Century, specialising in urban warfare. Later merged into the 1e REP.

BEP Batallion Étranger de Parachutistes Foreign Legion Parachute Battalion
BEPCPBM Batallion Étranger de Parachutistes de Chasseur à Pied Blindée de Marche Foreign Legion Campaign Parachute Combat Walker Battalion.

Temporary tactical grouping of CW companies from REP infantry battalions. Undertook a series of spaceborne raids during the Central Asian War. Renamed II/2e REP.

BI Brigade d' Intervention Intervention Brigade.

Elite rapid reaction forces, designed to be easily space-portable. Manned by RPIMa, Para-Cdo, and REP units. Consists of two light infantry and one CW battalions.

CPB Chasseur à Pied Blindée Combat Walker.

Literally 'armoured hunter on foot', term can refer to both the armoured suit and the pilot.

DdD (or D3) Division de Débarquement Landing Division.

MSIF interface assault flotilla.

DINT Division d' Intervention Intervention Division.

Rapid response divisions composed predominately of parachute units. Formerly Divisions Parachutiste they reverted to this title after the Central Asian War.

FAR Force d' Action Rapide French Corps sized response force including Parachute, Marine, Airmobile, Mountain, Light Armoured and Special Forces formations.
FUMARCO Fusiliers-Marins Commandos Naval Rifle Commandos.

French elite amphibious troops, para-trained and including combat swimmers. Also adept at interventions and special missions on land.

FUVOLMARS Fusiliers-Voltigeur-Marins Spatial Space Naval Light Rifles.

MSIF ships troop parties, the small size of this specialised unit has led to US Marines often being deployed on larger French ships.

GOLET Groupement Operational Légion Étrangère de Tirane Foreign Legion Tirane Operating Group.

A light mechanised brigade sized unit for colonial service on Tirane. Composed of two infantry battalion, a parachute battalion and a cavalry regiment.

..M.. de Marche Attached to unit names means literally 'Marching' or 'Campaign'. Essentially an ad-hoc, temporary unit created from volunteers or from other damaged units.

Since the Central Asian War, when used in the Divisional context (i.e. Division de Marche) it means a highly mobile armoured formation.

MSIF Marine Spatial Impérial Français French Imperial Space Navy
NAL   New African Legion.

Unit formed on the British continent of New Africa on BCV-4 from refugees from all the colonies. Included Commandos and light infantry battalions, named Chasseurs (French speaking), Hunters (English and International) or Jägers (German).

Para-Cdo Régiment Para-Commando Para-Commando Regiment.

Elite rapid response unit, originally part of Belgian Army and retaining unique traditions. Organised and same role as RPIMa.

REP Régiment Étranger de Parachutistes Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment.

Initially battalion sized combat unit. Now an administrative formation of a number of individual para battalions

RPIMa Régiment Parachutiste d' Infanterie de Marine Marine Parachute Regiment.

Organisation as REP. Elite rapid response infantry units.

1e RPIMa 1e Régiment Parachutiste d' Infanterie de Marine 1st Marine Parachute Regiment.

As above except originally specialising in unconventional warfare, and increasingly a dedicated special forces unit.

TAP Troupes Aeroportées French airborne troops, includes Foreign Legion, metropolitan, marine and colonial units of all arms.
TIS Troupes d' Intervention Spatial Space-borne intervention troops.

Units trained for colonial intervention in co-operation with the MSIF. Includes REP, RPIMa, Para-Cdo battalions in addition to support troops.