Colonial State Armies

Neubayern- Nibelungen

The formerly Bavarian colony of Nibelungen in the Neubayern system was already militarily self sufficient by the time of the Reunification. Consequently it has the status of a state army and it has largely not re-organised its military along Bundeswehr lines and retains its old Bavarian organisation. The army has a single armoured division equipped with converted LkPz-VIII's, a small special duties unit, a light role division and a pair of reserve Jäger divisions. There is also a Freihwehr technical military mission present on world.

Neubayern Korps

Nibelungen Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Division 'Neubayern'

The N.LkPzGren Division is the main fighting force of the Neubayern Korps. It is a formation manned by both regular and conscript soldiers and is equipped with the LkPz-8B, a Freihafener modification of the LkPz-VIII, and the venerable LkPzTr-V. All the unit's vehicles are modified to operate in Nibelungen's unique conditions. The division retains its original Bavarian organisation, with Gruppe the size of two normal battalions, and insignia. In common with all Nibelungen units the fourth Gruppe is a reserve formation.

Artillerie Gruppe 10
Panzer Gruppe 11
Panzer Gruppe 12
Panzer Gruppe 13
Panzer Gruppe 14
13 Luftkissenpanzer Brigade

13.LkPzGren Brigade is the only sizeable regular Bundesarmee force on Nibelungen. Detached from the IX Korps' Earth based 4.LkPzGren Division it is very much a visible symbol of Germany's commitment to Nibelungen. Consequently it is always fully manned and equipped with the latest equipment including LkPz-IX's.

Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 13
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 131
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 132
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 133
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 134

23 Nibelungen Jäger Division

23.Jg Division is the colony's light role formation and is trained for urban and littoral operations. It is dispersed across the colony and is on task to aid the civil powers.

Jäger Gruppe 231
Jäger Gruppe 232
Jäger Gruppe 233
Jäger Gruppe 234

25 Nibelungen Jäger Division

25.Jg Div is a reserve light role formation, which also has a light mechanised role. It is mainly manned by reservists who have served in the N.LkPzGren Division.

Jäger Gruppe 251
Jäger Gruppe 252
Jäger Gruppe 253
Jäger Gruppe 254

26 Nibelungen Jäger Division

26.Jg Div is a reserve light role formation, which operates primarily on foot with wheeled transportation.

Jäger Gruppe 261
Jäger Gruppe 262
Jäger Gruppe 263
Jäger Gruppe 264

Nibelungen Jäger Brigade zvB

The Nibelungen special purpose brigade is a very small formation, but one that is highly trained. It includes a special forces battalion that is highly skilled in littoral operations. The other formation is a found from the space forces and is a multi-purpose formation tasked for operations in orbit, on the ground or on mining facilities in the system. It has a close relationship with the DSM and has similar training.

Raumwaffe Gruppe zvB
Sonderverband Neubayern

Beta Canum Venaticorum

The garrison of the Bavarian colony on Beta Canum initially had troops from the Bavarian 22nd Jäger Division and a locally raised 24th Jäger Division. These were supplemented by a Panzer Kavallerie Regiment and a hover mobile light division.

When the War took place tensions with France sky rocketed, although outright hostilities were limited by the small militaries of both colonies. Consequently fighting usually took place on the extremities of the continents or in the seizure of assets and restriction of trade. Some bloody clashes of battalion size took place in coastal areas and on islands and special forces from both sides scored some successes in attacking prestige targets. After the war the German Continent's military was overhauled and reinforced as French regular units arrived on world. A new armoured division was formed from the PKR and the light mobile division whilst the 24th Jäger Div was seriously re-jigged and defensive armoured formations created.

Deutscher Kontinent Korps

8 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Division 'Windhund'

Formerly a Bavarian division with strong combat experience in the Central Asian War as well as stints as garrison on Garten. This division is now the German Army's heavy combat force in the French Arm. Stationed at BCV when post-War tensions climbed it also commands 14.LkPz.Bde which is based on Vogelheim. 8.LkPzGren.Div has sent combat forces to Eta Bootis, and is prepared to send other units from company to Kampfgruppe size should conflict on Aurore escalate further.

Luftkissenpanzeraufklärungs Abteilung 8
Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 8
Luftkissenpanzerpioniere Abteilung 8
8 Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
Luftkissenpanzerdrohneartillerie Bataillon 8
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 20
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 21
Luftkissenflugabwehr Bataillon 8
20 Luftkissenpanzer Brigade
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 201
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 202
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 203
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 204
21 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 211
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 212
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 213
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 214

71 Deutscher Kontinent Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Division 'Beta Kanum'

A locally raised division, 71.LkPzGren.Div was originally equipped with LkPz-VII's but is in the process of re-equipping with LkPz-IX. The 1.DK.LkPz Brigade is the reformed Bavarian PKR 5 and maintains that unit's proud heritage.

DK Luftkissenpanzeraufklärungs Abteilung 71
DK Luftkissenpanzerpioniere Abteilung 71
71 Deutscher Kontinent Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
DK Luftkissenpanzerdrohneartillerie Bataillon 71
DK Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 1
DK Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 2
DK Reserve Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 3
DK Luftkissenflugabwehr Bataillon 71
1 Deutscher Kontinent Luftkissenpanzer Brigade (Panzer Kavallerie Regiment 5)
DK Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 11
DK Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 12
DK Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 13
DK Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 14
2 Deutscher Kontinent Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
DK Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 21
DK Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 22
DK Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 23
DK Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 24
3 Deutscher Kontinent Reserve Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
DK Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 31
DK Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 32
DK Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 33
DK Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 34

Kolonial Jäger Division zvB

This special purpose division has some of Germany's finest light soldiers in its ranks. Although it has a rapid response role on Beta Canum it is also a strategic reserve for the rest of the French Arm.

36 Jäger Brigade

Jg Bde 36 is a formation from the IX Korps assigned to the tactical control of the Kolonial Jg.Div zvB.

Jäger Bataillon 361
Jäger Bataillon 362
Jäger Bataillon 363

245 Deutscher Kontinent Fallschirmjäger Brigade 'Lammergeier'

The German Continent Parachute Brigade was formed in the early 2230's as a Gruppe attached to the 24th Jg Division. It was used as a rapid reaction force for the colony including no few 'bug hunts'. The unit saw action in the War of German Reunification contesting off-shore islands of the German Continent with raiding French forces in the low key conflict. The unit also launched its own raid on a French coastal radar installation.

Expanded to brigade strength after the war the unit has a strong reputation for fitness, aggression and tactical ability. It is both para trained and air assault capable. It is well equipped and considered the equal of most Kolonial Korps Jäger units.

1 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
2 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
3 Reserve Fallschirmjäger Bataillon

242 Deutscher Kontinent Gebirgsjäger Brigade 'Ludwigberge'

The centre of the German Continent is dominated by high mountains, and early in the continent's history veterans of Bavaria's mountain infantry established a militia unit in the area. Later this was expanded to Gruppe size and brought within the organisation of the 24th Jägers.

1 Gebirgsjäger Bataillon 'Kahl'
2 Gebirgsjäger Bataillon 'Rickensdorf'
3 Reserve Gebirgsjäger Bataillon

Kolonial Sonderverband 2

The DKK reserve forces are composed of two mechanised brigades based in the two major cities and three Jäger Brigades formed the old 24th Jäger Division. These formations are a mixture of reservists and volunteers and are equipped with older equipment.

72 Deutscher Kontinent Reserve Panzergrenadier Brigade

DK Panzergrenadier Abteilung 721
DK Panzergrenadier Abteilung 722
DK Panzer Abteilung 723
DK Panzer Abteilung 724

73 Deutscher Kontinent Reserve Panzergrenadier Brigade

DK Panzergrenadier Abteilung 731
DK Panzergrenadier Abteilung 732
DK Panzer Abteilung 733
DK Panzer Abteilung 734

241 Deutscher Kontinent Reserve Jäger Brigade

1 Jäger Bataillon
2 Jäger Bataillon
3 Jäger Bataillon

243 Deutscher Kontinent Reserve Jäger Brigade

1 Jäger Bataillon
2 Jäger Bataillon
3 Jäger Bataillon

244 Deutscher Kontinent Reserve Jäger Brigade

1 Jäger Bataillon
2 Jäger Bataillon
3 Jäger Bataillon

Minor Colonies


Kolonial-Brigade Dunkleheim

Dunkelheim's military is composed of three battalions of troops and reinforced by paramilitary police. There is one regular Bundesarmee unit and two of volunteers recruited from the major cities. The local troops have a reputation for both bloody mindedness and light fingeredness possibly related to prejudices about most Dunkelheimers' convict heritage.

Jäger Batallion 371
Bayerisch Reserve Jäger Bataillon 272 'Goldberg'
Bayerisch Reserve Jäger Bataillon 277 'Neu Berlin'


Kolonial Division Hochbaden

The Hochbaden Defence Force consists of a division of troops. One brigade is a regular Kolonial Korps unit and the remaining two are locally recruited volunteers who mostly serve part time, and are skilled in operations in the colonies domed cities. Training and equipment has been improving since the start of the Kafer War and the public disturbances caused by it.

34 Jäger Brigade

The crack 34.Jg Brigade is the key defensive formation for Hochbaden and is capable of operating on land or orbit. A company sized Kampfgruppe drawn from the brigade is serving on Aurore.

Jäger Bataillon 341
Jäger Bataillon 342
Jäger Bataillon 343

1 Hochbaden Jäger Brigade

Hochbaden Jäger Bataillon 271 'Leopold'
Hochbaden Jäger Bataillon 274 'Hoffmann'
Hochbaden Jäger Bataillon 276 'Rudolf'

2 Hochbaden Jäger Brigade

Hochbaden Jäger Bataillon 275 'Maximillian'
Hochbaden Jäger Bataillon 278 'Zillertaller'
Hochbaden Jäger Bataillon 279 'Ferdinand'

Although not under the operational command of the Division the colonial police have several highly skilled paramilitary forces which defend the orbital facilities. In addition the DSM have forces at the main naval bases.


Adlerhorst is a world shared by French and German colonies and has been the site of no little unrest since Reunification, especially between pro- and anti-Reunification elements in the German colony. Consequently the colonies' militaries are closely controlled in size and an Anglophone peacekeeping mission is present.

Kolonial Division Neumark

The Kolonial Division Neumark is a small formation equivalent in size to the French 210e Division d' Infanterie also present on-world. However both colonies have large paramilitary police units that can perform as troops should tensions again rise. The main force is a regular LkPzGren Brigade re-equipped with obsolete equipment. This is kept in reserve whilst the Jäger brigade works more closely with the international peacekeepers. The Neumark Jäger battalion is very highly trained and recruits only the very best potential soldiers.

Kolonial-Brigade Neumark

Jäger Batallion 372
Neumark Jäger Bataillon 273

14 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade

14.LkPzGren is a part of 8.LkPzGren Div, the 'Windhund' Division, most of which is based on Beta Canum. The brigade has been deployed to Adlerhorst for many years and is very much a part of the furniture in the colony. It remains in the background but is the ultimate guarantor of German sovereignty over the colony. It has been equipped with the old LkPz-VIII and LkPzTr-V series of AFVs in line with international attempts to minimise tensions on-world.

Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 14
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 141
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 142
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 143
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 144


Kolonial Division Landplatz-Frederich der Grosse

The garrison of the North German initiated colony on Joi is composed of one national army brigade, a brigade of Hanoverian regulars and a brigade of local reservists. In addition a special operations battalion is based in the colony and concentrates on in-system operations mainly against Elysia and Toshamizu.

35 Jäger Brigade

35.Jg Brigade is a regular Bundesarmee formation drawn from IX Korps. Formerly a Bavarian unit based on Beta Canum it saw some action on that world during the war but was then transferred to Joi. It is the brigade that has most to do with foreign forces and participates in exchanges and exercises with British and Azanian forces.

Jäger Bataillon 351
Jäger Bataillon 352
Jäger Bataillon 353

206 Nord-Deutsche Jäger Brigade

206.ND.Jg Brigade is a formation composed of North German regular forces. Originally it bore some resemblance to a British style Light Brigade, but this has changed somewhat since Reunification. Manning for the brigade is rotated between the Hannoverian battalions back on Earth and the locally raised Feld Btl Raumhafen. The brigade has something of a reputation on Joi, where it is widely believed it helped in the training on Elysian irregulars during their War of Independence.

Jäger Bataillon 2061 (Feld Btl Raumhafen)
Jäger Bataillon 2062 (Feld Btl Osnabrück)
Jäger Bataillon 2063 (Feld Btl Magdeburg)

214 Nord-Deutsche Territorial Brigade

214.ND.Ter Brigade is the local reserve formation consisting mostly of volunteers and some reservists.

Jäger Bataillon 2141 (Ter Btl Raumhafen)
Jäger Bataillon 2142 (Ter Btl Halbinsel)
Jäger Bataillon 2143 (Ter Btl Frederich der Grosse)

Kolonial Sonderverband 1