II Korps

II Corps was formed in the autumn of 2292 to provide a force for the protection of the eastern parts of Germany. It was the lead formation in the occupation of key points in Bavaria, a job it conducted admirably, even after provocation by anti-Reunificationist elements in the Bavarian military. When the war erupted II Corps was rapidly moved into the area around Frankfurt where it took the lead for operations against the French in the north. Today it is responsible for the security of eastern Germany. The Corps HQ is located in Potsdam.

Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Division 'Wiedervereinigung'

LkPzGren Division 'Wiedervereinigung' was formed in the aftermath of the War when some in the higher echelons were concerned about the variation in performance of some of the national army divisions. A complete reform of the army was mooted, but in the end only one completely new division was formed. The Division is named for the Reunification. The division has the usual three brigade structure of 'named' divisions and is based around Neustrelitz in Eastern Germany.

Luftkissenpanzeraufklärungs Abteilung 132
Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 132
Luftkissenpanzerpioniere Abteilung 132
132 Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
LuftkissenpanzerdrohneartillerieBataillon 132
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 22
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 23
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 24
Luftkissenflugabwehr Bataillon 132
22 Luftkissenpanzer Brigade
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 221
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 222
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 223
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 224
23 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 231
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 232
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 233
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 234
24 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 241
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 242
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 243
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 244

1 Luftkissenpanzer Division

1.LkPz Division is the direct descendent of the original Bundeswehr's 1.Pz.Division. It had a distinguished record in WWIII spearheading several NATO attacks. At the end of the war it found itself garrisoning Bremerhaven and became the backbone of an enclave along the lower Weser. The division was incorporated into the Hanoverian Army in the late 2000's and served with it ever since. The division occupied Stuttgart in 2291 and was later one of the first units in action against the French and was very badly damaged but is now rebuilt.

Luftkissenpanzeraufklärungs Abteilung 1
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 1
Luftkissenpanzerpioniere Abteilung 1
1 Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
Luftkissenpanzerdrohneartillerie Bataillon 1
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 3
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 4
Luftkissenflugabwehr Bataillon 1
3 Luftkissenpanzer Brigade
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 31
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 32
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 33
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 34
4 Luftkissenpanzer Brigade
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 41
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 42
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 43
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 44

3 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Division

3.LkPz.Div was initially converted from the Westphalian 2nd Panzergrenadier Division, then the only Westphalian division equipped with hovertanks. The division was originally equipped with new build AC-10's built in the Ruhr but re-equipped with the very inferior LkPz-VIII before the outbreak of hostilities and reorganised to the new Bundeswehr organisation.

3.LkPz.Div was one of the first German units to see action probing across the Rhine attempting to break up the French assaults. It was eventually forced back into the suburbs of Frankfurt where it formed various Kampfgruppe.

At the end of hostilities the remnants of the force were combined with elements of the newly federalised 1st Panzer Brigade which was badly damaged in Picardy. The division was first in line for re-equipment with the LkPz-IX fresh from the factories. It is currently deployed with II Korps in Saxony in the area around Erfurt.

Luftkissenpanzeraufklärungs Abteilung 3
Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 3
Luftkissenpanzerpioniere Abteilung 3
3 Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
Luftkissenpanzerdrohneartillerie Bataillon 3
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 7
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 8
Luftkissenflugabwehr Bataillon 3
7 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 71
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 72
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 73
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 74
8 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 81
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 82
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 83
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 84

31 Gefectspanzergrenadier Brigade

Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 311
Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 312
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 313

2 Aufklärungsgruppe