III Korps

III Corps was formed early in 2293 in response to the growing tension with France and the continuing absence of II Corps deployed in Bavaria. The Corps was to beef up defences on the Polish border, but initially it was a formation of dubious quality. It was composed of the newly organised Deutschland Division and the disaffected 7.Pz.Div, however its Westphalian commander threw it into a series of exercises to knit it together.

III Corps was launched into the pivotal assault through the Ardennes that ended in the Battle of Picardy which forced the Armistice and French acceptance of Bavaria's integration into Germany. Although a far from flawless performance the Corps gained great renown from its assault and today retains the pivotal reserve role.

Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Division 'Deutschland'

The 'Deutschland' Division was formed in 2292 as an echo of the mooted pan-German unit that was proposed for the Central Asian War. It was formed from volunteers from across the German States and intended to be the figure-head unit of the Bundeswehr and was a top priority. However unlike its sister Division 'Lehr' few of the soldiers were veterans and many were more motivated by nationalism than professionalism.

Having existed for only six months the division was really unfit to be deployed on active service but bolstered by an experimental Bavarian Sturmtaktik brigade it took part in the assault through the Ardennes. It proved itself in flanking operations but came unstuck in its first divisional set-piece battle which ended the German attempt to reach Paris. The division's troops were exceptionally brave, continuing to attack after severe casualties but their units and leaders lacked experience and cohesion.

Nevertheless the unit was lionised in the press on its return, much to the disgust of the divisional commander. He responded by rebuilding the unit and bringing in innovative training systems, promoting talented leaders and ruthlessly sacking the dead wood. By 2295 the division was recognised as one of the finest in the Bundeswehr, and maintaining this position has become a unit tradition. The tightly disciplined soldiers of the division are fit, aggressive and not a little arrogant, but they believe they have earned the right.

Luftkissenpanzeraufklärungs Abteilung 131
Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 131
Luftkissenpanzerpioniere Abteilung 131
131 Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
Luftkissenpanzerdrohneartillerie Bataillon 131
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 11
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 12
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 17
Luftkissenflugabwehr Bataillon 131
11 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade 'Deutschland'
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 111
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 112
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 113
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 114
12 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade 'Hoch und Deutschmeister'
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 121
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 122
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 123
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 124
17 Luftkissenpanzer Brigade 'Bismarck'
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 171
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 172
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 173
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 174

5 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Division

Federalised in 2291 5.LkPzGren.Div was involved in securing Bavaria and would later fight in a delaying action against the French in Baden with I Corps. It has lost most of its previous associations with Brandenburg, strangely as it is the only national army division to retain state numbering, although it still recruits from the area.

Luftkissenpanzeraufklärungs Abteilung 5
Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 5
Luftkissenpanzerpioniere Abteilung 5
5 Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
Luftkissenpanzerdrohneartillerie Bataillon 5
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 301
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 302
Luftkissenflugabwehr Bataillon 5
301 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 3011
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 3012
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 3013
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 3014
302 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 3021
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 3022
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 3023
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 3024

7 Luftkissenpanzer Division 'Der Legion'

7.LkPz.Div is one of the more renowned units in the German order of battle. Originally the Deutsche Legion, it was one of the units converted to a LkPz Division in the national army, although not without protest from the traditionalist legionnaires. It played a spearhead role with III Corps assault through the Ardennes and broke the French covering forces at the Meuse but was unable to force a win at the Battle of Picardy.

The 7.LkPz found itself in disfavour with both political and military authorities, due to the constant complaints about the conduct of the war from all ranks of the division. It found itself denied the laurels it believed were its due in spite of a fine showing in battle. After the war the division was one of the first to be rebuilt with newly enlisted conscripts and NCO's brought in from outside the division. Many of the newly redundant 'old and bold' regular soldiers would enlist with the British Royal German Legion, in the same way that disgruntled Bavarian troops flocked to the French Légion Étrangère.

Since then the division has been somewhat rehabilitated and has regained some of its old élan and elements of its previous history recognised. Its rivalry with the 'Deutschland' is unabated however.

Luftkissenpanzeraufklärungs Abteilung 7
Luftkissenpanzerschwerpunkt Abteilung 7
Luftkissenpanzerpioniere Abteilung 7
7 Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
Luftkissenpanzerdrohneartillerie Bataillon 7
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 18
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 19
Luftkissenflugabwehr Bataillon 7
18 Luftkissenpanzer Brigade 'Kielmansegge'
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 181
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 182
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 183
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 184
19 Luftkissenpanzer Brigade 'Ompteda'
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 191
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 192
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 193
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 194

32 Gefectspanzergrenadier Brigade

Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 321
Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 322
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 323

3 Aufklärungsgruppe