Oberkommando des Deutsches Bundeswehr

Germany has a single Defence HQ which controls all of the Corps of the German Army, even those on other worlds (if only nominally), in addition to naval, air and space force assets. On Earth there are a number of army troops placed under the direct command of the OKDB.

Army Troops

1 Luftlande Division

The airlanding division was formed from the Bavarian airlanding division reinforced with specialist units from Saxony, Hannover and Brandenburg. The role of the 'Green Devils' is theatre entry, counter-desant, urban combat and peacekeeping missions. In time of war each brigade would be assigned to individual Corps to bolster the reserve infantry brigades. The division is manned with the cream of the conscript intake and many veterans go onto join Jäger Brigades of the Kolonial Korps.

27 Fallschirmjäger Brigade
271 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
272 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
273 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
28 Fallschirmjäger Brigade
281 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
282 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
283 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
29 Fallschirmjäger Brigade
291 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
292 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon
293 Fallschirmjäger Bataillon

33 Luftangriff Brigade

The air assault brigade is an out-growth of the Sturmtaktik concept applied to the depth battle. It involves the insertion of small bodies of highly trained and motivated soldiers in lightning assaults on enemy key points in an attempt to alter the tactical battle. The division includes only three battalion sized formations but has integral air support. In the event of hostilities these units would be assigned to missions chosen by OKDB at the request of individual Corps.

Kampfgruppe 331
Kampfgruppe 332
Kampfgruppe 333

4 Kolonial Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Division

Although this unit is under the command of IX Corps and has one brigade deployed to Neubayern it is normally based on Earth. When at this location it is under the operational command of OKDB and is used as the Army Reserve, naturally enough given the hidden role of 25.LkPzGr.Bde.

Luftkissenpanzeraufklärungs Abteilung 4
Luftkissengefectspanzergrenadier Abteilung 4
Luftkissenpanzerpioniere Abteilung 4
4 Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
Luftkissenpanzerdrohneartillerie Bataillon 4
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 25
Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Bataillon 26
Luftkissenflugabwehr Bataillon 4
26 Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade 'Garten'
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 261
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 262
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 263
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 264
25 Reserve Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 251
Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Abteilung 252
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 253
Luftkissenpanzer Abteilung 254

39 Jäger Brigade

39.Jg.Bde is the controlling HQ for Germany's special operations forces on Earth. Germany has traditionally relied on heavy armour rather than commandos in its wars. Following the Reunification the various state units were reorganised and consolidated into a single brigade. It was noticeable that Bavarian and Westphalian units fared relatively badly in this reorganisation as some doubts were professed over the closeness of their relations with their French counterparts. This was perhaps more a case of internal politics than reality.

Kdo.Abt.391 are a traditional SAS style multi-role SF unit. Kdo.Abt.392 is a more cloak and dagger unit with the emphasis on infiltration, sabotage and covert operations, it works closely with the BND. It continues to operate outside of Germany's borders and has become a bogeyman figure to neighbouring states. Kdo.Abt.393 and 394 are commando/ranger style units that can operate as raiders or in support to other 39.Jg.Bde units. Troops from the brigade provide the manpower for the colonial Sonderverbands.

Kommando Abteilung 391 'Braunschweig'
Kommando Abteilung 392 'Brandenburg'
Kommando Abteilung 393 'Steiner'
Kommando Abteilung 394 'Balck'