V Reserve Corps

V Corps is primarily composed of units of the Sächsisch Volks Armee but also has a small component from the Bavarian Staatwehr. The role of V Corps is in the defence of eastern Germany from incursions from Czechoslovakia with an eye also kept on the border with Poland. Consequently it works closely with II Corps and VIII Reserve Corps.

In the years before Reunification the SVA had excellent relations with their Czech colleagues, and although this relationship has cooled somewhat V Corps maintains a bilateral exchange scheme. V Corps still has some units equipped with Czech AFVs but are continuing to replace them with native German designs. V Corps generally has a good reputation for its soldiering abilities within the Bundeswehr partly resting on the rigorous training programs used by the SVA.

The Corps is composed of a hover mobile division, a tracked division and a mountain infantry division. Support is provided by four Saxon and Bavarian reserve brigades. The Corps HQ is in Leipzig.

2 Sächsisch Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Division

The 2nd Saxon LkPzG Div is the senior-most division in the Saxon Army and had won no little renown for the conduct of its units in the Central Asian War. It was not chosen for conversion into a national army division because of its equipment with tracked MBTs and wheeled APCs and re-equipping was deemed to take too long. The division fought with its existing equipment against the French, proving itself in the suburbs of Frankfurt. After the War the division's 16 Brigade was moved to 211 Div and replaced with a Bavarian Panzer brigade. Both formations were equipped with LkPz-IX's. The division is based in Dessau.

Husaren Regiment 1
Pioniere Bataillon 2
2 Sächsisch Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
Artillerie Bataillon 2
Artillerie Bataillon 4
Bayerisch Artillerie Bataillon 2
Flugabwehr Bataillon 2
2 Bayerisch Luftkissenpanzer Brigade
Bayerisch Panzer Abteilung 21
Bayerisch Panzer Abteilung 22
Bayerisch Grenadier Abteilung 23
Bayerisch Grenadier Abteilung 24
4 Sächsisch Luftkissenpanzergrenadier Brigade
Fusilier Bataillon 9
Fusilier Bataillon 10
Lieb-Kürassier Regiment
Dragoner Regiment 2R (Pz 54)

211 Sächsisch Panzergrenadier Division

Like the other Saxon units 211 PzGren Div traces its roots back to the Twilight War. The division has spent its recent history as a reserve formation, last activated in 2292 when it participated in the Reunification War as a Corps reserve. After the war its organisation was changed, with the 17th Reserve Brigade being disbanded and replaced with a regular brigade from another division. The 18th Brigade remains as a reserve contingent.

The division has been re-equipped with Löwe MBT but retain their Czech IFV. The division has an integral heavy armoured unit equipped with stretched 'Royal' Löwe tanks. The division is based in and around Dresden.

Husaren Regiment 3
Kürassier Regiment 5
Pioniere Battalion 211
211 Sächsisch Luftkissenpanzerartillerie Brigade
Artillerie Bataillon 3
Artillerie Bataillon 16
Artillerie Bataillon 18R
Flugabwehr Bataillon 211
16 Sächsisch Panzergrenadier Brigade
Fusilier Bataillon 5
Fusilier Bataillon 6
Dragoner Regiment 4 (Pz 343)
Kürassier Regiment 1R (Pz 11)
18R Sächsisch Panzergrenadier Brigade
Fusilier Bataillon 7R
Fusilier Bataillon 8R
Kürassier Regiment 4R (Pz 16)
Dragoner Regiment 5R (Pz 344)

1 Gebirgsjäger Division

The renowned German Mountain Division is still under state army auspices with one Bavarian and one Saxon Bde. The Saxon brigade has its roots in troops that patrolled the post-Twilight border with Czechoslovakia and became well known for shooting first and asking questions afterward, a tough outlook they retain. The Bavarian mountain brigade is one of the finest high mountain capable formations in any military.

The division is split, with the Bavarian parts of the division based in Garmich and the Saxon in the area around Chemnitz. There have been rumours of a move to Bayreuth but these have not proved true so far. On mobilisation the division would fight as a whole.

Bayerisch Hochgebirgsjäger Bataillon 23
Bayerisch Gebirgsjägerartillerie Bataillon 23
Artillerie Bataillon 5
23 Bayerisch Gebirgsjäger Brigade
Bayerisch Gebirgsjäger Bataillon 231
Bayerisch Gebirgsjäger Bataillon 232
Bayerisch Gebirgsjäger Bataillon 233
Sächsisch Grenzschützen Brigade
Grenzschützen Bataillon 1
Grenzschützen Bataillon 2
Grenzschützen Bataillon 3

The Saxon Army originally had two French style Jäger Divisions, but in the aftermath of the Reunification military reforms these have been reorganised. Three brigade groups cover the three Lande of Saxony and are manned by B Class Reservists. Although it should be noted that the Saxons retain a regular battalion in each brigade. The Jagdpanzer units are being issued with Czech MBT discarded by the 211th Division. The Bavarian 505 Brigade is stationed in the area around Bayreuth.

Jäger Brigade Sachsen

Jäger Bataillon 1
Jäger Bataillon 5R
Jäger Bataillon 8R
Jäger Bataillon 9R

Jäger Brigade Thüringen

Jäger Bataillon 2
Jäger Bataillon 4R
Jäger Bataillon 6R
Jäger Bataillon 7R

Jäger Brigade Sachsen-Anhalt

Jäger Bataillon 3
Jäger Bataillon 10R
Jäger Bataillon 11R
Jäger Bataillon 12R

505 Bayerisch Reserve Panzerjäger Brigade

Bayerisch Jäger Bataillon 5051
Bayerisch Jäger Bataillon 5052
Bayerisch Jäger Bataillon 5053