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Combat Group

HMNZS New Zealand

The New Zealand is what would have been called an SSN in the Twilight War era. The New Zealand displaces 7,000 tons, is armed with 8 tubes (with 32 weapons) and 4 laser cannon and can make 80 knots noisily, or can sneak along silently at 4 knots. She is a deep diving sub, very capable of operating in the depths of the Pacific. She also carries 4 Tigershark Sub-fighters. The New Zealand is also used frequently to deploy elements of 3/1 RNZIR and the NZSAS.

HMNZS Te Kaha and Te Mana

These two sister ships fulfil the role done by frigates in the age of sail, cruisers in the steel age and submarines in the electronic age. Both are designed to mount long range anti-commerce cruises in the Pacific Ocean. They displace 2,500 tons each, are armed with 6 tubes (18 weapons), 2 laser cannon and can make 120 knots. They are more deep diving than the ageing New Zealand.

Requin class Submarine Fighters

These 4 French built craft are early sub-fighters, displacing 325 tons each. They each carry 4 weapons and can make 160 knots. They are normally relegated to reserve roles in NZ territorial waters.

Tigershark class Submarine Fighters

The Tigersharks are an Australian design, built in New Zealand. They are Heavy, Modern Subfighters, massing 225 tons each. They have 6 weapons each and 2 tubes, they make 180 knots. The Tigersharks have long endurance and are fast, ideal characteristics for operations on the Pacific Rim. The Maritime Wing has 8 of these vessels, 4 of which are usually deployed with the New Zealand.

Wanklyn class Submarine Fighters

Originally designed for a British Royal Navy contract by Vosper-Wolf, the Wanklyn lost the contract to its British Aquaspace rival. The Wanklyn mounts a laser cannon designed to work underwater, but has a reduced load of 4 weapons and a single tube. Speed is 160 knots.

The Wanklyn (named for a WW2 submarine ace) is a heavily armoured vessel designed for operations in littoral waters. It is believed the RNZDF has acquired these fighters with a view to their use in the Indonesian archipelago. They are also capable of deploying small special forces teams.

Other Groups

The Patrol group fields 9 Hydrofoils of the Waikato class. Each masses 400 tons, and can reach 70 knots, carrying 4 Sea Striker missiles. These are mostly used for fisheries protection and flag showing duties.

Defence group has 32 Land Striker mobile missile launchers, based around New Zealand.

Support group has 2 survey ships, an Icebreaker, 2 Transports, 2 Tankers and a Rescue Ship.