Title: SugarDay or ZuckTag


Description: Diabetes recorder



I was able to try the English version of this clever little diabetes management program. Essentially this would mainly be aimed at diabetic patient but would have uses for those concerned with close management of diabetic patients.

Data entry is quite straight forward with entry of blood glucose (mmol/l in the English version) which then plots it on a daily graph. Blood sugar values can be cleverly entered giving the current time but I found it difficult to enter them retrospectively (perhaps a good thing ensuring accuracy). There are also various checks about the amount of insulin entered. The maximum glucose level was set a little low at 25mmol/l as some of the diabetics I come across have this on a daily basis.

In the German version there is also an ability to export the data. Klaus has also added views on a daily basis i.e. yesterday, one week ago etc. There is also analysis over 4 weeks and 90 days.

However I did not find this as straight forward as it could have been. The lack of a help file was sorely missing. Data entry was a little confusing. However the graphs and overall presentation were excellent. I hope that Klaus continues to update as this could well shape up to be a killer diabetes app. If you are interested definitely try it and see.


Links: Klaus Stahl homepage



Price: Shareware 15 or U$25


  Series 3a/c/mx English

Series 3a/c/mx Deutsche

Series 5 Dutch