Title: EzPaedz


Description: Calculation tool for paediatricians and anaesthetists



This is what Jim has to say about EzPaedz

"I converted EZPaeDZ to the Series 5 from the Series 3 program Babyhelper, a program written by Andy McKindoe and Ed Hammond, two anaesthetists based down in Bristol. It was originally written back in 1995. I was recently given the source code by Andy Mckindoe and told to do with it what I wanted.

Not wanting to make money out of someone else's work I just did a straight port with some minor tweaks to the Series 5. I used Babyhelper and found it useful when I had my Series 3, now finally I can use it on my Series 5 - so why shouldn't everyone else.".......and why not indeed ....mmmmm!

Well I found EzPaedz to be an excellent straight forward litchi program which will be of most use to those who are currently doing paediatric anaesthetics and probably to paediatricians out there as well. The program is essentially a paediatric calculator which initially asks you for the age and weight of a child and from there you can request anaesthetic dosing regimens or various physiological parameters calculated from the values entered.

Installation is simple and the program operates around a dialog based system which you should all be familiar with. There are no fancy bells and whistles you just enter the patient details and away you go. You are presented with plenty of information and if you don't understand the abbreviations etc then you should probably not be using it!

I only had two minor gripes. The typeface is a little too small for me to read it clearly. There was no error checking against weight and age i.e. I could enter a 65kg 4 month old (a very bouncing baby indeed!!). This could obviously have implications in drug dosing etc but as is usual in all these programs you use at your own risk.

In summary I think this an excellent freeware program and if you fulfil one of the above categories you should have this on your Psion

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Price: Freeware