Title:Medikit v2.21


Description: Extremely useful medical calculator



I have watched Medikit evolve and improve at a rapid rate for well over a year now and suspect Jonathan either has no social life or his employers have no idea that he spends all day programming the Psion. He now seems to update every couple of weeks. I really hopes he continues to do so.

He has now created a definitive program for the medical Psioneer and is now an essential piece of software. Medikit is a large collection of utilities that are useful in a doctors life and which can be briefly summarised as follows

Conversion utilities that convert from one unit to another
Physiological scoring utilities that help you to assess the severity of a particular disease e.g. Apgar score, MMSE, a cardiovascular risk profile
Formulary that provides both and adult and paediatric drug doses and infusions
Biochemical and physiological calculations that help you calculate certain derived quantities e.g. osmolality, cardiac index

There are many others but you will have to look at the program to see if what you want is there. There is the very handy facility to remember previous scores that have been calculated and various preferences can be selected.

Overall the program is very well put together. It is essentially menu and dialog driven which has the advantage in that it is familiar to all but it does mean that if in a dialog it cannot be closed down by other applications. Jonathan has given guidelines along with some calculations but I would personally prefer a reference to a journal where some of the scores were first described.

Now if you are reading this and haven't got Medikit on your Psion download it now and if you have I hope that you will agree with me that this is truly an excellent piece of software.



Links: Jonathan Perry Homepage




Price: Shareware 45