Description: Freeware question and answer learning tool



Quiz 5 is one of a pair of programs written by Dr Nick Tan as revision aids in medicine. Quiz5 is freeware and his other offering MCQ5 is shareware.

Installation of Quiz5 is relatively straightforward although you have to put some extras into an OPL and opx folders which may be confusing to beginners. Perhaps an SIS format would be helpful here. Once loaded and started you are presented with a garish main screen. From here you can start immediately trying out some of the questions Nick has provided. There are extensive questions on Clinical Pharmacology all of which are of reasonable degree of difficulty and for those surgeons amongst you there are 10 other questions (no snide comments that they couldn't manage anymore!). I was a little confused about the method of answering the questions it seems that you are given two goes, the second go with the answer in front of you. The program keeps track of your progress and even provides comments on your final efforts.

A great facility is that Nick has provided the ability for you to write your own questions. This is fairly straight forward although if your question or statement is too long there is no word-wrap (perhaps a deditmulti would be useful here).

Overall this is a friendly cosy program which if well supported with questions will be very useful. However being the sceptic I am I suspect that people will not take the time to write the questions and therefore will be under-utilised. Perhaps if a group of like minded students got together got together and chose a subject each.

The bottom line is that this is a good little program with one or two quirks which if well supported with questions would become a useful tool for learning for medical students.



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Price: Freeware