Title: Chartnote version 3.00



Description: Superb utility for handling outpatients and clinic reviews



It is with great pleasure that I come to review Chartnote by Kimo Hirayama. As Wardfive is to inpatients Chartnote aims to succeed in outpatients. The main premise is that patients rather than being viewed on wards they are viewed by day of visit. Thus it is ideal in viewing and recording patients over a period of time.

Entering a new patient is straightforward via dialog boxes and then the standard SOAP views can be edited. This is where Kimo's innovative plug-in scripting is very useful. The plug-ins can be constructed from your data application and allow the user to enter formulaic histories. This may sound restrictive but most specialist clinics follow the same structure e.g. chest pain,how long what was it like etc? Kimo has supplied several scripts for you to be getting along with. Following the scripts was relatively easy although structuring them is very important.

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Once the data is entered what can be done with it? There are various search methods which allow you to select and mark patients for printing. The interface again was good. Once you have completed your clinic attendance note you can print it out as  a note to put straight into the charts. However Kimo has now added several superb letter templates so that your clinic note can be translated into a professional GP letter. After only a few minutes of fiddling with the template in a data file I was able to produce a very reasonable clinic specific letter. My patients GP letters are now sent the day of the clinic not 3 weeks later.

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Exporting of the data is also well handled with the ability to export in various formats. Kimo has also supplied a template Psion database if you want to examine your patients on the Psion. Another excellent utility that Kimo has included is the reminder function which basically sets up a reminder attached to a patient i.e. chase blood results etc.

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I thoroughly recommend that you download and try this program out. It now easily deserves its five stars. At present the price is only $20 which is an absolute bargain. I would recommend tha you register now before he realises his mistake and puts the price up.

If you develop any scripts please do share them and send them to Kimo or myself for posting.

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Price: version 3.00 U$20 shareware



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