Using T5img to view Palmpilot ImageViewer Files


Latest version 1.01 features the ability to save as EPOC mbm files. Very useful.

Trygve Henriksen appears to have spent much time devoted to finding ways of 'emulating' the Palmpilot on the S5. This is of great use to the medical Psioneer as there is a large amount of information for the Palmpilot especially if you visit Palmcentral.

This program is really very clever as you are now able to view ImageViewer files that can normally only be seen on the Palmpilot on the Psion. The picture quality produced is superb although translation is a little slow. I think that this is definitely worth a download to look at.

heartimg.bmp (460854 bytes)

If you want to know more then visit his website and download.

I have included two files to download one of the heart and one of the neck. Visit the Palmcentral site for more.