Using T5Mdb to view Palmpilot .pdb Files


Trygve Henriksen appears to have spent much time devoted to finding ways of 'emulating' the Palmpilot on the S5. This is of great use to the medical Psioneer as there is a large amount of information for the Palmpilot especially if you visit Palmcentral.

His latest version of T5Mdb which reads Palmpilot data files is very good and now even ahs a small opo attached that allows you to copy a selected record for transfer into other areas on the Psion via the clipboard. I tried this with the carbohydrate file but the output was not all that clear but I suspect that you may have greater success with other databases. if you do please let me know.

carbdb.bmp (460854 bytes)

If you want to know more then visit his website and download.

On my site download an example database which lists diabetic carbohydrate exchanges and also visit the Palmcentral site.