Using Vreader to View PalmPilot Docs

Jean-Luc Damnet has produced a port of his excellent reader program from the Series 3a. This program allowed you to read specially compressed documents .tcr format on the Psion and also to change the orientation so that those documents could be read like a book. JLD has now updated it for the Series 5 and as well as including .tcr format translation he has also included Aportis doc format translation. So what's the point of this you may ask? Well Palmpilot users are also active medically and there are various documents available for download on the internet. There is also the other main use is that books are also available and so that these can be read at other spare moments available to you.

JLD has also had the forethought to release it as part of the newly formed EPOC freeware movement and thus is completely FREE.

How do I go about getting this onto my Series 5.

  1. Download Vreader
  2. Install using SIS installation
  3. Download one of the documents below and transfer it to a directory of your choosing on your S5
  4. On your Psion start up Vreader
  5. Open your chosen document from the previously specified directory
  6. and voila.......

Now unfortunately I have not yet found translation to be perfect but it is perfectly legible and you may well find a document suitable for your particularly use.

Below is a list of some Palmpilot docs. I will add more as found but please feel free to send on more if you come across them.



How to anticoagulate someone. Brief and to the point.
Numerous documents detailing how to diagnose and manage some common electrolyte disturbances
Brain attack part 1. The name speaks for itself !! Brain Attack Part
What else but the follow up to Part 1 Brain Attack Part
Details of invasive cardiac procedures Cardiac Invasive
As the name suggests Emergency Drug
Details about fat and cholesterol Fat and
How to distinguish between right and left MI R Versus L Ventricular
So you out in the American MidWest and you suddenly get bitten.... Rattlesnake




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