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Viewing Webpages on Your Psion


As you are probably aware there is a vast amount of information available on the internet related to medicine. Some of it is poor whilst some of it is actually very useful and would be very handy to have with you on your Psion. This is especially true now that some journals are full text e.g. BMJ, The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine and you may want to sound off about a particular article you have read so wouldn’t it be handy to have it with you all the time.

Now I don’t have a modem for my Psion and I was keen to view these pages on my Psion. Fortunately Psion have released Message Suite available free from their website. Unfortunately when you try and fire up Message Suite once loaded on your Psion it fails unless you have specified a connection. The way to get around this is to specify dummy connections which dial a nonsense number. I do this by

Going to Control Panel
Click on modems
Set modem to Direct Cable Connection
Going back to Control Panel
Click on Networks
Set up a Network Service call it anything you like
Under Service tab set connection type to Dial-up
Put any old number into the Standard Phone number box
Under Account tab make sure the box Ask before connecting box is ticked

Hopefully now when you fire up Web you will get into the browser.

To view a html file you have to find the particular file on the web you are interested in. Save it. Transfer it onto your Psion via Psiwin without converting. Once the file is on the Psion rename it to *****.htm (***** standard for the filename). Now open Web click on open file... and find the file you have transferred. Hopefully you will now see it in as viewed on your PC.


This is very memory intensive so don’t think about doing it unless you have 2-3Mb spare
Remember graphics have to be imported separately and you may have to readjust the links so that the graphic can be found ( a bit of html knowledge will be required here)
You can create your own index web page to point you in the right direction on your Psion



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