Hi there! Captain's Log, stardate 2001


We had some good days diving last year (2000) lets hope that this years weather gets a bit better. We are now diving some of the deeper wrecks in excess of 15nm offshore. Most of these sites are of depths in the 70mtr depth ranges, but there is a couple that are 45mtr.

Dive Technical

News!! News!! News!! .....
An uncharted wreck has been found!!! It is approx. 115 mtrs. long and 15 mtrs wide. Depth to the sea bed is 75 - 80 mtrs. The vessel is upright, and stands approx 12 mtrs high. As it is not on any chart I do not have a name for it yet. (I do but not saying) Anyone interested in diving this, give me a bell and you may get one back! Sorry, Rick has already had it!!

This year 'CIRRUS' will be doing some deep wrecks off the Irish coast and off the Isle of Man. For the less experienced the 'Cirrus' will be doing some of the wrecks around Liverpool Bay and the Skerries where the depth will be in the 20 - 30 metre range. Bookings for this season are now being taken, so if you are looking to dive with us this year (2000), get on the old dog and bone a.s.a.p. and get the best tides.

News!! News!! News!! .....
The good news in 1998 was that we had a differential GPS beacon set up at Point Lynas, this has proved itself to be a great aid for pin pointing wrecks, we can drop you on the bow or the stern section of the wrecks around our coast. The D.G.P.S. is accurate to within 5 mtr. The 'CIRRUS' was fitted with the DGPS receiver in 1998, and it is as accurate as stated. The bad news now is that it was a waste of money as the U.S.A. have now switched off the selective availability!!!

If you have any photos that you would like to share, please contact me to get them included in the web album. I continue to keep a list of divers wishing to join trips, so if you think that you are not on that list, then please get in touch and make sure that you are. If you would like to be included in this, then send me your address and dive qualification. You will then be notified of any spare places available as much in advance as possible.