Cast of Characters

Published here for the first time is the revised edition of a report written for the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Constabulary and the Director of Nottinghamshire Social Services. Its authors were a Joint Enquiry Team (hence "JET") of police officers and social workers charged with allegations of "satanic ritual abuse" surrounding a case of multi-generational incestual abuse in an extended family living on the Broxtowe Estate in the English Midlands city of Nottingham. In the original report the family is only identified as the "T Family". However, the real first names of the children were used. We have changed these and the pseudonyms employed are shown in square brackets thus: [Mary].

Apart from tidying the section headings, we have made no other changes.

A number of people are referred to throughout the report but not named. Their involvement in this case is now mostly a matter of public record and for this reason we have provided links to their full names as shown below.

Tim Tate: a journalist working as a television producer. At the time of the Broxtowe Case, Tate was working as a researcher for Central Television's Cook Report.

Ray Wyre: a former probation officer working in the field of child sex crime. Retained as a consultant by Nottinghamshire Social Services during the Broxtowe Case.

Dr Kirk Weir: a child psychiatrist.

Mrs Justice (Margaret) Booth: the judge in the T Family wardship hearings.

Wayne I Munkel: "Medical Social Consultant". Nothing known about this individual other than what is included in the text of the Jet Report.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Goode: Humberside Police. Promoted to Divisional Commander of Hull Central before his retirement.