Unit Two: Coastal Sand Dunes and Management In North Wales [U.K.]

S.E. Eng map
This Virtual Fieldwork Unit is based on two classic areas of coastal sand dunes in North Wales. The first set of dunes are at Aberffraw on the island of Anglesey and the second set are at Morfa Harlech on the north-west coast of Gwynedd. Both sets of dunes show all the typical features of coastal sand dunes and both are now managed to varying degrees in an attempt to prevent further damage by humans to this delicate ecosystem.

The digital photos were collected at each site in March 1999.

This Virtual Fieldwork Unit allows you to 'walk' around the sand dunes either as a casual visitor or as a student learning the Geography of the dunes. You can: You can at any time back-track or repeat sections of information to follow-up items of interest or reinforce what you have learnt. You can now look at:

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