Aspidistra huanjiangensis

Accepted name Aspidistra huanjiangensis G. Z. Li & Y. G. Wei. Acta Phytotax. Sin. 41(4): 384, fig. 2. (2003).
Distribution China (Guangxi)
Description Rhizome: undescribed

Leaves: undescribed

Scape: undescribed

Perianth [Perigone]: campanulate, greenish yellow; tube ca. 15 mm long x 9 mm diameter, greenish outside and yellow inside; lobes 6, erect, yellowish green, ca. 3 mm long x 3 mm wide.

Stamens: 6 positioned at lower third of tube.

Pistil: columnar; style obconical-columnar ca. 5 mm long x 3 mm diameter developed at the top into a yellow, antler-like stigma, ca. 5 mm in diameter, deeply 3-lobed with each 1 mm wide lobe deeply bifurcated to half length, the margins slightly infolded; ovary distinct with a definite junction with style.

Fruit: undescribed.

Phenology: undescribed.

2n = ?

based on drawing and photographs in Li Guangzhao 2004.

Comments The drawings below are marked up in cm but, apart from the foliage, the units should surely be in mm.  The mistake in Li & Wei 2003 has been copied by Li Guangzhao 2004.

from Li & Wei, 2003

Li Guangzhao 2004


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