Aspidistra molendinacea

Accepted name Aspidistra molendinacea G. Z. Li & S. C. Tang. Guihaia 22(4): 290, fig. 3. (2002).
Distribution China (Guangzi)
Description Rhizome: creeping, terete,

Leaves: solitary, petiolate

Scape: flowers solitary.

Perianth [Perigone]: campanulate, lobes 8 (- 10) basally with inward pointing projections.

Stamens: 8 (- 10) inserted in lower part of tube.

Pistil: table-shaped with central emergence; style columnar, stigma 4-lobed, cross-shaped in upper view, lobes emarginate, margin enlarged, with 4 central upright ovoid appendages; ovary broadly conoid.

Fruit: undescribed.

Phenology: undescribed.

2n = ?

based on drawing in Li Guangzhao 2004 and Tillich 2005



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last updated 12/02/2008