Hedychium aurantiacum W. Roscoe, Monandrian Plants of the Order Scitamineae: t. 61 (1824-8).

Accepted name Hedychium coccineum  F. Buchanan-Hamilton ex J. E. Smith in A. Rees, The Cyclopaedia 17 : 5 (1811).

Hedychium aurantiacum Rosc. is a form of the variable Hedychium coccineum Buch.-Ham.  It is not generally suitable for UK gardens; it is hardy enough to be grown in many UK gardens but is very unlikely to flower there.  Hedychium aurantiacum can easily be flowered in a glasshouse or conservatory with about 2 m. of headroom.  Hedychium aurantiacum is a widely used name in the UK nursery trade and is applied to several distinct forms of Hedychium coccineum mostly originating in India.


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