Hedychium villosum N. Wallich in W. Roxburgh, Fl. Ind. 1: 12 (1820).

Accepted name

Hedychium villosum N. Wallich in W. Roxburgh, Fl. Ind. 1: 12 (1820).

Comments Roxburgh's note on Hedychium villosum is at http://www.botanicus.org/page/787290

In his own notes on the species in Hooker's Journal of Botany 5: 329 of 1853 [see http://www.botanicus.org/page/784310] Wallich wrote that "the very minute sagittate anthers is a permanent character, which at once distinguishes the species from all others". 

This little piece of information deserves to be widely known, if for no other reason, so as to stop nurserymen and others selling different species (usually Hedychium coronarium or Hedychium flavescens) under the name Hedychium villosum.  For example the Dutch wholesaler Hoog & Dix has sold Hedychium coronarium under the name Hedychium villosum and the plant listed by Nature Products under the name Hedychium villosum is not that species either.

Hedychium villosum
is a widely distributed plant with a range extending from north-eastern India to southern China and Indo-China. It is a relatively small, reedy plant growing to about 1.5 m and is commonly epiphytic in nature. Its flowers are more or less pure white and very sweetly scented and, provided the plant is kept sufficiently warm, can be produced at any time of the year.


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