Iochroma ayabacense

Accepted name Iochroma ayabacense S. Leiva, Arnaldoa 12 (1-2): 76 (2005).
Distribution Peru, Ayabaca Province, Piura Department, 2,720 m,
Description Habit:


Flowers:  lilac to pink, 3 - 6 (-8) flowers per cluster,

Calyx: not inflated at anthesis but becomes so later

Corolla: tube ca. 35 mm long x ca. 15 mm diameter at anthesis, petals 5

Gynoecium: anthers yellow-whitish or lilac-brown with a slight apical mucron

Fruit: ca 10 mm long, conical, glaucous green and almost completely enclosed by calyx when ripe.

see Leiva & Lezama 2005 for full description.

References Leiva & Lezama 2005

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